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Wednesday, February 10

Fresh Fruit from GrubMarket: An Incredibly Delicious Giveaway!

  GrubMarket has such an incredible selection of organic bananas, juicy oranges, crisp apples,  and sweet kiwi, among so many other delicious fruits.  I was impressed once I received the box and continued pulling out one fruit after another.  You can buy fruits by the "GrubBox" and receive a variety, which I found fun and exciting--we had the opportunity to try quite a few new fruit varities. You can also choose your favorites; because you won't be able to find organic fruit at these prices anywhere else! I was very impressed with their prices--.25 for organic honeycrisp apples, for example!  Who can beat that?! 
GrubMarket sent my absolute favorite fruit in the world -- Honeycrisp Apples! They had them on sale for .25 an apple which is an amazing price. I've seen these apples priced at upwards of $2 each!  GrubMarket works with a variety of farms and artisan producers to bring you high-quality foods and other items at prices that are up to 50% OFF what you'd typically find at Whole Foods and other grocers.  

Fruit Salad a la GrubMarket. It's super easy: just select your favorite fruits, chop them up, and then serve in a bowl (add a pinch of cinnamon or sugar if you want)!
Get $10 off your first order by using this link!  You can also use the code GRUB20 for 20% off and free shipping on orders over $49!
One of my readers will receive a GrubBox of fruit from GrubMarket!  Enter below by 2/18 at 11 pm anyone's time.  

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at GrubMarket for this review and giveaway opportunity! All opinions are honest and my own.

New Year, New You: Breakfast Edition With a Two Winner Giveaway!

Enjoying my cool drink this morning--all natural, sugar free, zero calories, Everly comes in a variety of flavors: green tea passion fruit, peach mango, and pomegranate maqui berry.  My favorite is the pomegranate.  I like to pour it over frozen strawberries for even more delicious berryness.  You can find Everly at Target, Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Amazon, or  
Everly is essentially enhanced water (flavored water with vitamins), and it's an awesome deal because it's only .45 a packet as opposed to $2 a bottle! You can get a trial pack (2 of each flavor) here, paying only the $2.99 for shipping.

And now for the actual breakfast! As I Facebook-stalked Evol, I read them proclaiming "The freshest ingredients make the most delicious breakfast!" and I wondered how fresh, really, can a frozen, microwaveable meal be?  I was pleasantly surprised, as they really do taste amazingly fresh!  The Egg, Basil Pesto, Potato & Cheese Scramble Cup is my favorite.  That ones not pictured here--somebody probably ate that one and didn't have it handy.  My second favorite is the Chicken Apple Sausage.  I'd buy these with real money!  That's saying something, coming from a girl who gets a majority of her food for free. ;)

As you can see in this super cool (pun intended!) pic above, Evol makes a variety of other food, all of which is gluten free and, I'd bet my buttons, delicious.  I can't wait to try more!  You can find it in the freezer aisle at Fry's, Safeway, Target, Sprout's, and I even saw it at the Air Force Commissary.  Pretty awesome and very convenient!

One of my readers will win a variety pack of Everly, and one will win a variety of free item coupons for Evol! Enter below by 2/18 at 11 pm anyone's time. 

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Evol and Everly for providing me with these products to review and give away.  All opinions are honest and my own.

Thursday, February 4

Groovy Lab in a Box Kids S.T.E.M. Giveaway! #ScienceIsGroovy

Our first Groovy Lab in a Box was definitely nothing short of groovy!!  I'm not sure what in the world i did with the photo of the box contents, but it was filled with enough cool stuff to make at least 4 different kinds of rockets. Our 3 favorites are shown in this post.  Today was a beautiful day for rocket launching!
We started with the foam rocket because it sounded exceptionally awesome! And it was.  My son followed the directions and built this awesome rocket out of some of the supplies in the box.
Off it goes, and mom was too slow to catch the rocket in  motion! As you can see by his expression, it went an impressive distance!
Off it goes from another angle! 
This time it hit the side of the house. Groovy, dude!
Next up, Alka-Seltzer rockets!

This guy was hot glued and ready to blast off! There was enough Alka-Seltzer in our kit to get the parachute pretty high.  Once, the lid hit the roof of the porch and made everyone go, "Whoa! That was cool!" We want to try again with a bigger bottle and more Alka-Seltzer!

Next up, Balloon Rocket!  Let it go and it flew across the backyard.  They had fun with this one for awhile and I'll be they'll be excited to show Dad when he's home from work tomorrow!

$10 Discount
Groovy Lab in a Box was created to provide kids 8+ with an opportunity to focus their imaginations, determination, and innately inquisitive nature with a way to complete a monthly STEM project using the Engineering Design Process. I was impressed with our first box and will definitely be purchasing more!  You can get them for as low as $24.95/ month  - even less with this $10 off link! Good for 3, 6, or 12 months subscriptions.

One winner will receive a Groovy Lab in a Box!  Enter below by Feb. 12th at 11 pm anyone's time.

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Groovy Lab in a Box for this review and giveaway opportunity. All opinions are honest and my own.

Wednesday, February 3

New Year, New You: Kids Snacking Edition With a Wonderful Halos Gift Basket Giveaway!

Wonderful Halos are the best mandarin oranges we've ever had!  When they sent us a big basket of them, we were thrilled!  My kids love them because they're super sweet, seedless, and easy to peel.

You can find the Halo brand of mandarins at most grocery stores: Fry's, Safeaway, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Target, you name it!  They're Available November through May in a 3 lb bag, 5 lb bag and 5 lb box.

One winner will receive a gift basket filled with Wonderful Halos and other goodies!  Gift basket will be similar to the one above to include Wonderful Halo mandarins, water bottle, backpack, lunchbox, mandarin flavored chapstick, sunglasses, and stressball.  Enter below by Feb. 12th at 11 pm anyone's time.

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Wonderful Halos for this review and giveaway opportunity. All opinions are honest and my own.

New Year, New Desserts #Giveaway: An Artisana Organics Coconut Truffles Recipe

I am a huge fan of dark chocolate!  At Artisana Organics, they’re passionate about chocolate, too. They take the finest cacao in the world all the way from tree to bar.  Lightly sweetened and handcrafted into bars by master chocolatiers, their cacao's aromas, flavor and fragrance are fully expressed with finesse.  Their chocolate bars come in 65, 75, and 85% cacao. The 65% is my favorite to snack on, while the 75 and 85 are ideal for melting and covering your favorite fruits or truffle concoctions.

My Coconut Truffles Recipe could not be more simple!  
You need only 3 ingredients: Artisana Organics Coconut Butter, sliced almonds, and Dark Chocolate (either bar or chips for melting)
Step 1: Stir the Raw Coconut Butter--it can become separated. If you need to, warm it in the microwave per instructions on the jar.
Step 2: Scoop out tablespoons of Coconut Butter.  Mold into balls and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet or plate.  Freeze for 10 minutes.
Step 3: Break apart chocolate bar or pour 1/2 a cup of dark chocolate chips into a small bowl.  I've found my small, glass candy bowls work best for this. Microwave for 40 seconds.  Stir well.  As you stir, the chocolate will melt more as the heat is distributed.  If you need to, microwave a bit longer at 10 second intervals.  Burnt chocolate is no bueno. ;)
Step 4: Using a spoon, dip the Coconut Butter balls into the bowl of chocolate.  Completely cover and then place back on the cookie sheet. Sprinkle with sliced almonds. Harden either in the fridge or on the counter.  Enjoy!

P.S. Next time you don't happen to have chocolate handy, a lot of people (myself included) like to just dig into the jar of Artisana Coconut Butter with a spoon. I can't speak for any other brand, but theirs is that yummy!

Dark chocolate has numerous health benefits and so does coconut.  Here are some of my favorites of each:

Dark Chocolate
Powerful source of antioxidants
Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure
Raises good cholesterol and lowers the bad
May lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
Improves brain function

Coconut Butter
Stimulates metabolism resulting in weight loss
Kills yeast infections
Packed with lauric acid which kills viruses and boosts immunity
Highly moisturizing and promotes skin elasticity

Two of my winners will receive a jar of Artisana's Coconut Butter and Chocolate Bar to try out the truffles recipe!  Enter below by Feb. 10th at 11 pm anyone's time.

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Artisana Organics for this review and giveaway opportunity. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Tuesday, February 2

New Year, New Subscription Box Adventures: Girls Can Crate! A Pioneering Nurses Giveaway

After discovering my own favorite subscription box for 2016, I began the hunt to find something perfect for my girls.  Girls Can Crate is a unique subscription box company inspiring girls to believe they can be and do anything by celebrating fearless women who made the world better.
We had the opportunity to review 2 of their crates, both of which were awesome as you shall soon see! 

First up was the Persevering Painters Crate, complete with every supply we'd need right down to the markers, paints, scissors, pallet, apron, and brushes... everything you see here.  Even a canvas was included.  The value was definitely there!

After reading about famous artists Frida Kahlo, we learned about color mixing and made our own creations.  I happened to have 3 extra canvases I was saving so that was perfect!  I loved teaching my kids about Frida Kahlo because she is a supreme example of a woman who overcame great hardships.  Bed ridden for months at a time, she used the time on bedrest to explore with art and became one of the most famous woman painters.

Frida Kahlo was known for painting both monkeys and flowers in her works of art.  The instructions in the kit were for a flower headband, but my daughters decided they wanted to display their flowers in a vase on the kitchen alcove.  They look beautiful!

One of my daughter's works of art painted with her Girls Can Crate supplies--an ocean meets the sky. So pretty!

Next up was the Pioneering Nurse Crate featuring Florence Nightingale, one of my very favorite women in  history.  Miss Nightingale was a wealthy, society woman who didn't find pleasure in the Jane Austen life of endless parties and dances.  Instead, she felt God calling her to be a nurse.  Before Miss Nightingale revolutionized nursing, more people died in the hospital than on the battlefield.  She was an incredible woman! If you want to know more about her, I encourage you to see the BBC movie Florence Nightingale.  As you can see, our kit came with so much great stuff!

Our nurse is giving her doll a bandage after she sprained her elbow.  As you can see here, one of the activities was to make a working stethoscope.  Pretty cool!

All bandaged up, the happy girl received a sticker for being a brave patient.
Ut oh, she needs a flu shot!  Her sister got lucky, as you can see in the video below, and was old enough to receive the flu mist instead!

The nurse imaginative activity was only one of many in this kit.  We also grew bacteria (gross!!), make a stethoscope, and created a life size map of the human body.  The kids definitely loved playing nurse best, though, and still get out everything to play and imagine days later.

One of my readers will receive the Pioneering Nurse Crate!  Enter below by Feb. 10th at 11 pm anyone's time.

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My parents were wonderful at teaching me that I could do or be anything. I definitely want to teach my kids the same and Girls Can Crates are incredible towards that end.   

 What did you want to be when you grew up? What does your daughter want to be? I've always wanted to be a writer and have almost finished my first historical fiction novel!
Special thanks to the wonderful people at Artisana Organics for this review and giveaway opportunity. All opinions are honest and my own.

New Year, New Treats! Must-Have Games and Treats for Your Pooch!

Every time the doorbell rings now, Lucy rushes to the door, wagging her tail in excitement!  Sometimes there are goodies for her, and this was one of those times. is her favorite place to get them from!
For January, she received some very exciting goodies: Lamb, Apple, and Cinnamon Petite Treats perfect for the Kibble Drop Game.

The Kibble Drop is a treat-seeking puzzle for your smarty pup! When treats are dropped into the top of the toy, they fall randomly into one of the four treat chambers covered by flaps. Lucy had to determine which chamber the treat fell into and which flap to lift in order to retrieve the treat.
The kids love playing this game with Lucy!  It took her a sec to figure out that she couldn't open the chambers with her paws, but now she knows right away how to sniff the treat out and open the flap with her nose. It's so fun!

Petite Treats are the perfect size for the Kibble Drop, plus they're natural dog treats.  They smell delicious!

Check out this video of our adorable Lucy discovering Outward Hound's Kibble Drop Game for the first time: has a variety of fun dog and cat games.  What's your favorite thing to play with your pet?

Monday, February 1

New Year, New You: My Top Beauty Care Picks for 2016

My absolute favorite hair dye I have ever used is Surya Brasil's Henna Cream which puts it at the top of my beauty picks lineup!  I'm not exaggerating when I say if you don't buy any other product I recommend, you must buy this one!  It's very affordable at about $11 on Amazon, depending on what shade you purchase.  I used both Dark Brown and Chocolate, which are very similar.  The color is semi-permanent which means it won't last forever, though mine has lasted so far for about a month.  The best thing about the henna cream, though, is that it makes your hair healthier.  In the last couple of weeks, my friends have been asking me things like "What did you do different with your hair? It looks so healthy and soft."  It's the henna. It's amazing! Plus, if you use a dye and don't like the color, you can immediately cover it with a different color because it doesn't damage your hair at all.  And you don't have to discard the unused dye--you can save it and use it when you need to reapply.  I wanted to included hair pics with this post but I'll have to add those later--I've been under the weather and tired eyes and red noses don't make for pretty pics no matter how gorgeous your hair may be! (And, hey, that's her husband on the box!)

Topganic has been my favorite daily hair product for the last 2 years.  Natural, infused with Brazilian Nut and Keratin, it is so amazing for your hair!  It's only $9 for a gigantic bottle that lasts me a month--which means it would last most people 2 or more.  I have very long, thick, curly hair and use a lot of product on it!

Scientific Organics Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish gives an incredible exfoliating experience and it smells incredible!  It's meant to be used 2-3 times a week and everytime I use it, I think again "I love this stuff!"  It's a bit expensive at $34, the current sale price plus a $10 coupon code you get by signing up for emerginC's e-newsletter, but it is a great product.

For the days you don't use a stronger face wash, Jeffrey James Botanicals "The Wash" is perfect: very gentle and hydrating.  It's also natural, as are all of the product in my Top Beauty Pics lineup.

Now these are amazing! I love face masks and BioRepublic's are top of the line with a variety of types.  I tried the Cucumber Breeze which is a soothing mask (very soothing!) and the Green Tea Detox which is a purifying mask.  I can't wait to try the others!  They aren't cheap at $5 a mask, but they're high quality and only meant to be used once or twice a week.  You can find a variety pack at Amazon and try all 4!
Mad Hippie's Vitamin C Serum is the perfect daily facial moisturizer.  It has a very light scent, almost not there, so it won't bother anyone with scent sensitivities. It contains powerful anti-aging & anti carcinogenic properties and reduces fine lines & wrinkles while it heals and protects skin from UV & free radical damage. It costs $23 (that's $10 off the usual price at and a little goes a long way!

My Complete Lineup of Top Beauty Care Picks for a Gorgeous 2016!

Friday, January 29

Winners Announced & Giveaways Ending Soon

Lego Friends Set and DVD
Linda T.

BoCandy Subscription Box
Angela T.

Look Who's Happy Dog Treats

The Following Giveaways End Soon So Enter Now:

Well-Kept Life Planner, 2 Winners!

Thursday, January 28

Lady at the Well: A Vintage Subscription Box #Redecorating

When I discovered Frankie & Albert, an online subscription box service delivering vintage home d├ęcor, I couldn't wait to receive one of their boxes!  Their studio is filled with thousands of carefully curated objects they have collected from flea markets and antique shops all across the United States.  We recently moved into our dream home where I now have an actual homeschool classroom.  I decided to decorate with a vintage look--complete with hundred year old Chippendale teacher desk and dresser for school supplies and old bookshelves stacked with Victorian suitcases for each child's textbooks and classics.  

My Frankie & Albert box came filled with vintage-wrapped, brown paper packages tied up with strings.

The alcove over the fireplace seemed the perfect spot for my Frankie & Albert finds, themed "Lady at the Well".  My subscription box came with every item you see here with the exception of the flowers plus a glass dish and candle holder I didn't use in the display.  I was impressed!

Frankie & Albert say they choose the best of the best to fill your home with delightful story-filled goods that you will love and I concur!  I am so in love with the items they found for me--they give our vintage classroom the perfect touch and I didn't have to spend hours looking through antique stores to find them.

Ordering a box is easy--You choose the room you want to decorate, include your Pinterest so they can see your tastes, check off the materials you like (wood, ceramic, plastic, etc.) along with your favorite colors and themes, of which they have a wide variety:
  •  Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Southwest
  • Art Deco
  • Eclectic
  • Mid-Century
  • Glam
  • Industrial

The cost is only $49.99 a month which is really a great price for hand-picked, quality vintage items! 

My readers can receive 10% off!  Use the code TRAVELINGSISTERHOOD10 at checkout.  

Here are some sample Frankie & Albert boxes.  Which theme do you like best?

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Frankie & Albert for providing me with these items to review!