Thursday, March 26

Historical, Inspirational Romance #FreeFromTyndale

The blog has some new followers so I decided to post about my favorite book publisher, Tyndale House, and their wonderful reward program.  They send free books to their fans just for signing up and letting them know their book preferences.  It's a win-win: we get free books (even the S/H is free!) and they find out what today's readers are looking for.  They offer fiction, kids books, audiobooks, bibles---there's really something for everyone!

Here's a story synopsis of one of my favorite historical romance reads (yep, I've already read it and it was so good!) you can get free from Tyndale Rewards today:

At the dawn of the First World War, the French provincial village of Briecourt is isolated from the battles, but the century-old feud between the Toussaints and the de Colvilles still rages in the streets. When the German army sweeps in to occupy the town, families on both sides of the feud must work together to protect stragglers caught behind enemy lines. Julitte Toussaint may have been adopted from a faraway island, but she feels the scorn of the de Colvilles as much as anyone born a Toussaint. So when she falls in love with one of the stragglers—a wealthy and handsome Belgian entrepreneur—she knows she’s playing with fire. Charles Lassone hides in the cellar of the Briecourt church, safe from the Germans for the moment. But if he’s discovered, it will bring danger to the entire village and could cost Charles his life.

You can read the first chapter here or you can get it free by heading to Tyndale Rewards and heading to the "Earn Points" tab and then the "Browse" tab--click on Fiction and you'll see it there.  Let me know if you read it and like it!

Friday, March 20

Chicnova: Super Cute and Affordable Fashion

Chicnova is a leading online fashion retailer that offers trendy fashion and mix & match styles with an aim to deliver fast fashion all over the world. The name ‘Chicnova’ consists of chic and nova, which directly expresses their wish: to help women discover their own unique styles to make their own unique chic looks.  I chose to review their Bohemian Pullover and this gray top (sold out now).   I've been wanting some cute tops to go with my leggings and these were perfect!  They have a huge selection and I had so much fun shopping with them! 

Top: c/o Chicnova
Leggings: Victoria's Secret

Top: c/o Chicnova

What's your favorite item from Chicnova?

Thursday, March 19

$125 Chase Freedom Bonus! Shop for Free, and 0% Interest for 15 Months

I am a total use-my-credit-card-and-pay-it-off-every-month kind of girl.  That way I get all the goodies (the bonuses & cash back) without having to pay any interest.  This is the card I use for my daily stuff and the cash-back adds up quickly.  Especially right now, because when you apply for it, you get a $100 sign-up bonus if you spend $500 in 3 months!  You can use it on groceries and I even pay a couple of my bills with it--I just pay it off every month.  You also get an additional $25 back if you add your hubby to the card--or your mom, or any other authorized user.  Plus, there's 0% interest for 15 months.  Awesome!  So go sign up and do some of your shopping or bill paying for free! Expires 6/5/15.

Get $100 cash back with Chase Freedom®. Apply before 6/1/2015 at

Wednesday, March 18

Diet-to-Go #Healthy2015

I was pretty darn excited when I found out I was chosen to become a Diet-to-Go Ambassador!  Last year, I used another program (not naming any names) to achieve my "ideal" weight (119 pounds, according to the experts) and it worked!  However, while it totally worked I wanted to try the brand that has been voted as the most delicious diet program--they beat out Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, E-diets, and Biggest Loser.  I've gotten quite used to looking this good, but all that holiday eating didn't exactly do a lot for the good habits I established last year... a new year's diet seemed just the remedy to get me back into the spirit of the thing. 

Lose Weight While Enjoying the Food You Love!

I've had 4 kiddos, one pregnancy being twins--I know what it's like to gain a ton of extra weight.  And I know what it's like to lose it... and I do not under any conditions advocate yucky diets, or going without desserts, or working your butt off every day (though I do work out 3 times a week in the privacy of my bedroom to a variety of workout vids).  We want to live life, don't we?!  And delicious food is one of the most wonderful things in life.  Here is a sampling of one day's meals I've had this week with Diet-to-Go:

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt (my favorite!) and a Fruit Muffin (loved it!)

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich and Peaches

Dinner: Carrots, Broccoli, and White Macaroni Shells and Cheese

The Diet-to-Go program proclaims to have "restaurant quality meals for less than the cost of eating out" and it's actually true!  They have 3 different types of meals to choose from: Traditional (I chose this one), Vegetarian, or Low Carb.  You subscribe, they teach you to form wonderful, healthy eating habits, you change your lifestyle, you get a ton of delicious food delivered right to your doorstep, and after 3 months, you should be set.  It's definitely a worthwhile investment! 

Save 25% on your order!
Use my Diet-to-Go promo code DTGA101 and save big!  No expiration. :)

Here's to a totally healthy 2015!

Maintaining the weight I lost last year--and I've had 4 babies!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Diet-to-Go for giving me this review opportunity!  All opinions are completely my own.

Tuesday, March 17

Tash Cosmetics: Mineral Makeup at its Loveliest #Giveaway

Congrats to Maggie, the winner of this giveaway! 

Tash Cosmetics and Hayashi Hair

I won't lie.  I have fun taking "selfies" and getting all dolled up.  The pic above, of course, has a filter but the pics below don't so that you can see the effect of my latest makeup review.  Mineral makeup is a necessity in my makeup routine.  It's a million times better than the other stuff!  I recently tried TASH Cosmetics (formerly TNT Cosmetics)--a wide variety of their eye shadows along with their Honey Walnut and Black Beauty facial soaps are now lining my makeup drawer.  The eye shadow colors are absolutely gorgeous and you only need a small amount. They blend well together, they don't crease, and they look amazing.  In the pic, I am wearing Diamond Dust above Iced Latte above Dangerously Beautiful.  I also lined my lower lid in Iced Latte.  

The facial cleansers are also wonderful!  My skin was actually noticeably softer after one time using the Honey Walnut.  My husband couldn't stop petting my face (weirdo!)  Likewise, the Black Beauty, which is a bit gentler and has kind of a black licorice scent (my favorite candy--ah! I want some).  I'm so very happy with each of TASH's products!  They would make the perfect gift to treat yourself with... or someone else.   

TASH's Cosmetics are all made to order in California.  That means they're absolutely fresh and haven't been sitting on any shelf anywhere for weeks on end.  It makes a difference!  They're an American company, something I love to support.  They use all of the makeup themselves, have a very high quality standard, and have many lines used by celebrities because of that.  They have a wide variety of products that caters to women at every stage of life.  I really love this company!  Read more about them and I guarantee you will, too! 

Save 15% on your entire order by using the code TASH15 at checkout.  

The people at TASH Cosmetics gave me so many gorgeous eye shadows that I want to send some to a lucky winner.  But you must follow the rules to win!  Comment below with your four favorite eye shadows found here and whoever chooses the four I have ready to mail (or who gets the closest) will win!  Ends on 3/17. U.S. only.

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You Can Follow Tash Cosmetics On

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Tash Cosmetics for providing me with these products to review!

Saturday, March 14

Spark of Amber Custom Bracelet #Giveaway

I love my amber bracelet!  It was created by Spark of Amber, perfectly sized for my wrist and customized with my children's birthstones.  They did an incredible job and I love it!  Spark of Amber has a wide variety of polished amber jewelry but their mother's bracelets are the perfect gift for Mother's Day which is just right around the corner!  They also have baltic amber teething necklaces which are very awesome, too, and would be the perfect baby shower gift. 

Everything from Spark of Amber is hand-crafted.  I've read a lot about natural Baltic amber and there are many theories on its health benefits--it is said to relieve pain, stress, and inflammation.  For babies, it's said to relieve teething pain and irritability.  It's very light and comfortable to wear and I love it!  Did I say that already? ;)

Dressed up for church with my new bracelet from Spark of Amber.

One winner will receive a custom Mother's Bracelet for Mother's Day.  Enter below by  at March 22nd at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next morning via 
U.S. only

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Customized with birth stones.

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Spark of Amber for providing me with this review opportunity!

Wednesday, March 11

Scripture Tea: Thank God for Every Day #Giveaway

I woke up this morning and made myself a cup of Scripture Tea's Berry Medley mixed with Earl Gray--so delicious!  So here I sit blogging and drinking my tea in the mug from one of my best friends which reminds me that she "thanks God for me every day".  Such a wonderful way to start my morning and, even better, each tea bag has a little bible verse on it.  This morning's verse is "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever" (Hebrews 13:8).  The God who forgave the Israelites uncountable times in the Old Testament is the same God who forgives me time after time after time again.  The same "yesterday, today, and forever."  The God who caused four questionable women to be named unashamedly in Jesus' family tree thousands of years ago, displaying His love and forgiveness--even forgetfulness of the worst sins--is the same God who loves me today.  Bathsheba was an adulteress, Rahab was a whore, Tamar was also a whore, Ruth was a Moabite, an outcast, and yet God didn't see that.  He saw their faith, He saw who they could be, not who they were when they sinned, and He blessed their lives and gave them a legacy.  That's pretty powerful, even moreso considering the time they lived in.  It gives me so much hope when I realize how imperfect I am time after time after time!

Maybe I got a little bit off course, but when a cup of tea can cause you to ponder the goodness of God, that's pretty awesome.  Eileen Hadaway came up with the idea about 30 years ago.  And the tea is delicious, too, and super affordable!  I've lately been trying a variety of quality teas but so many of them are pretty pricey.  These ones aren't!  My favorite is the Apple Cobbler -- tastes like Apple Cider and gives me that caffeine kick I like in the morning (I'm allergic to coffee--too bad, so sad--even more reason to be grateful for good tea!)  The Apple Spice is $5 a box for 20 tea bags, about the price of good tea at the grocery store.  And the good tea at the grocery store doesn't encourage you with scriptures. ;) 

Scripture Tea is having a big sale right now on their Pumpkin Spice, American Hero, and Winter Berry Medley Teas (the one I'm drinking at this very moment).  You can get a bulk box of 100 tea bags for $16 which is 16 cents for a cup of tea. 

"My desire through Scripture Tea is to not only give you a 'taste' of God's Word, but more importantly to give you a hunger to have more of His love and comfort by turning to His bible for guidance. May God richly bless you, and all those to whom you choose to bless with Scripture Tea."  -Eileen Hadaway

Two of my readers will receive a box of Scripture Tea!  Ends 3/18.  U.S. only.  Check out our other giveaways, too--we've got lots of goodies this week!

What flavor of tea would you like to try most?  

You Can Find Scripture Tea At
Cracker Barrel Gift Stores
and Lifeway Christian Stores 

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Scripture Tea for providing me with this tea to review!