Tuesday, March 3

Lucy's First Unboxing... With Pet Box! #Discount

Our poochie was so excited, as you can see in the video below, to unbox her very own subscription box!  With PetBox you can pack your own customized box, or allow the PetBox team to surprise you with a diverse selection of products--that's what we did. Our puppy unboxed 2 bags of treats, a can of delicious dog food (or so she told me), and 3 toys!  As soon as she saw her new "baby", she took it right to her bed.  (Speaking of beds, excuse our poochie's bedhead--she had just woken up for the morning when the UPS man rang the doorbell!)

PetBox feeds a rescue animal for each box shipped, and partners with a variety of shelters and rescue programs to care for neglected animals throughout the country.  Pretty awesome!  Their plans start at $7.95 a month on up depending on how many goodies you'd like your puppy or kitty to receive and they always have free shipping. 

 Use the code TRAVELINGSIS at checkout for 10% off your entire subscription. :)

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Special thanks to Pet Box for providing Lucy with this box to review!

Friday, February 27

Elementary Box: The Teacher--or Homeschooling Mama--Care Package!

The Elementary Box is the teacher care package, because teachers take care of so much!  I really loved my box and smiled when I saw the added bonus just for me: a beautiful package of dark chocolate wrapped in ribbon.  I ordered the 4th grade box and the timing and resources were perfect! I was just preparing to teach my daughters fractions and this box included fraction square which are so great--there are a wide variety of ways to use them and my kiddos had so much fun doing math with them.  If there's a teacher in your life or a homeschooling mama, she needs this box!  So convenient, makes a teacher feel loved, and eleviates a bit of planning.  Plus, each month is tailored for that month--heart stickers and rulers for Valentine's Day were such a thoughtful touch.  Overall, I was so impressed with The Elementary Box!


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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Elementary Box for providing us with this box to review!

Wednesday, February 25

The Queen's Treasures: Enchanting Furniture for American Girl Sized Dolls! #Giveaway

1930's Style Stove by The Queen's Treasures
My daughters are enchanted with their dolls' new 1930's style stove from The Queen's Treasures!  The stove is incredibly well-made, looks real and historically accurate, has little compartments that open easily but stay shut when you want them to with magnetic closures, has fine, painted details, and a little tray in the oven that comes in and out.  It doesn't come with the food but, as my daughter said, "It was so much more fun to make our own food with clay!"
And so we've been having so much fun playing pretend and even made a movie yesterday that you can watch below.  It's called "Julia's Tea Party".  Food continually falls on the floor, but Julia and her friends make the best of it and have a delightful time!

You don't have to be a royal to shop The Queen's Treasurers, this enchanting trove nestled high in the Pocono Mountains (I spent my honeymoon there!) where everything is miniaturized for the 18" phenomenon of dolls, clothing, accessories and especially furniture! All princesses, with their mums, can hold their pinkies aloft as they sip tea and browse the online shop at The Queens Treasures.

Food "baked" by her sister in their 1930's Queen's Treasures Stove

If clothes make the man then it's accessories that make the doll, especially when she measures 18". Girls ages 8 and above will be mesmerized by The Queen's Treasures for 2015 as she turns back the clock 100 years and spotlights life during WWI. My daughters certainly were enchanted and after browsing the store, they have made out their wish lists.  Outfits and accessories from the brave Salvation Army Doughnut Girls, vintage stoves and an antique sewing machine are a sampling of the 2015 Collection. Beyond clothing is the Queen's extensive array of miniature furniture. American style furniture includes cupboards, table & chair sets, kitchen, bedroom furniture and a huge selection of 18" doll storage trunks, wardrobes and armoires.

One of my readers will win the 1930's Style Stove from The Queen's Treasures (a $110 value)! Enter below by March 5th at 11 pm anyone's time. Winners must reside in the U.S. for this one. 

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at The Queen's Treasures and KidStuff PR for this review and giveaway opportunity! 

Monday, February 23

Once Upon a Time at the Library...

Once upon a time we found ourselves in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi at the most charming children's library!  We stumbled upon it quite by accident.  We needed to stretch our legs during a roadtrip and crossed into this little town.  My hubby and I love books and have always taken the girls and their little brother to whatever great libraries we can find.  We've been to some great ones all over the country but this one is by far our favorite!

The Hancock County Children's Library is surrounded by sound-proof glass so there's no "quiet factor," as they say. Kiddos can let their imaginations run wild without having to worry about mommy saying, "Sh! People have to be quiet in the library!"

Children can play and read books in the cottage.  They can gather for the weekly story hour on enchanting acorn chairs around the big oak tree.  They can enjoy puppet shows there, too on certain days of the week.  They can play on the computers on the "front porch" of the country cottage any time they want.  There are so many more fun discoveries little ones can make here that they'll never grow bored for hours--puzzles, toys, games, globes, and so so so many wonderful books!  We had an amazing time and my only wish was that this library wasn't hours from home!

If you ever find yourself traveling along Highway 90, be sure and make the Bay St. Louis exit!  It's a charming southern town and your kids will be super excited to find what may be the most kid-friendly library in the country!

Saturday, February 21

Rock 'N Learn Super Huge DVD Set! #Math&Science #Giveaway

Congrats to Kathy, the winner of this giveaway!

Rock 'N Learn is a really awesome program!  They have so many DVDs and CDs in any subject you can think of.  We recently reviewed this super huge 10DVD Math and Science Collection--perfect for my 4th graders!   The set includes over 5 hours of educational entertainment (each DVD is 30+ minutes).  It includes every subject you see above.  The DVDs were the perfect supplements to everything we've been learning this school year: life science with butterflies, bugs, and frogs, for example.

In the past, we've also reviewed their Multiplication DVD, and Sight Words DVDs which were my kiddo's favorites... until these ones came along; they love the science DVDs!  Each of those includes 70 sight words for learning to read.  We ended up buying more of these DVDs from Educents b/c they're so great.  The songs are catchy, the storylines are interesting, and the characters are fun.  The movies are long enough (a little more than an hour) that you can get something done or just take a break while your kiddos learn.  Even if you're not homeschooling, Rock 'N Learn is a really good supplement for kiddos who are struggling in certain areas in school.  I really like the series! 

Stream It!
By the way, you can even rent Rock 'N Learn on Amazon here which is very convenient.  Remember that when you're having one of those days.  ;)

You can get 25% off with the coupon code JQ7711. Use it at www.rocknlearn.com.

Amazing Groupon Deal!
You can also get this whole set for the super great deal of $39.99 at Groupon.  Quite an amazing deal for 10 DVDs!  It's usually about $130. 

Enter below by December 29th at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning via Random.org.  In the meantime have a blessed Christmas!

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What Rock 'N Learn DVD from this set would your kiddo like best?

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Rock N Learn for providing us with this opportunity!