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Wednesday, May 25

Gorgeous Earrings Featured on the Cover of Kelli Pizarro's Newest Book... Get Them Free!


One of my favorite authors asked me to model for her newest book cover! I was so honored, and the cover turned out gorgeously.  The earrings just pull everything together--and you can currently get them free from Cents of Style with any purchase.  And their prices are already simply amazing! Just use the code FREE-EARRINGS at checkout. The ones in the photo come in other colors, as well, and you can choose from them or some others featured here as your freebie.  

 Miss Pizarro's newest historical fiction book will be available in July. In the meantime, you can catch up on her wonderful fiction by reading The Price of Remission and its sequel available as paperbacks from BookPatch. You can read the first chapter or purchase the e-book at Barnes and Noble. If you're a fan of historical fiction, you will love these!

Tuesday, May 24

Zoetrope, Something Amazing From Kiwi Crate!

zoetrope [zoh-ee-trohp] noun 1. a device for giving an illusion of motion, consisting of a slitted drum that, when whirled, shows a succession of images placed opposite the slits within the drum as one moving image.

 This is what we received this month from Tinker Crate! Isn't it awesome? The kids used the enclosed diagram to build it themselves, and it came with a variety of different pictures to use... as well as blanks to create some yourself. Check out how awesome it turned out! Just like something you'd find in a children's museum. So awesome! If you haven't signed up for Kiwi Crate yet, now's the time to do it while they still have their discount of 50% off.  Your total will be $9.95 with free shipping.  Use the code MSA50 when you sign up.

If you'd rather not sign up but would like to purchase the Zoetrip Kit, you can find that in their store along with the other items below which we also received this month. Remember, we made everything and they also came with fun extras like stickers and activity books.

From the Tinker Crate
From the Koala Crate

From the Kiwi Crate

Friday, May 20

The Funnest Game Ever Giveaway!!

The buzz in the toy world is a new game that most parents would not let their children say out loud – until now! Poopyhead is a hilarious game of cards where being #1 requires “doo” diligence in #2! And guess what?!  A lot like Uno, it is so fun to play!  Fast-paced and hilarious, those smiles are genuine! We've been having a blast with this as you'll see below!
Ut oh! He's a bit upset... the only one who didn't want to put the poopy on his head!
I don't think that guy wanted to put the poopy on his head, either! Maybe you won't believe me when I say this game actually does teach good hygiene.  The order in which you play the cards is the key: toilet, poop, flush, wash your hands!

The loser... but she wasn't too sad about that!  Time for another super-fast round! You can find Poopyhead online at Target, Toys R Us and Amazon, and expect to see shelves full of the game at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Hastings for $16.99 or less.

One of you will win the Poopyhead Game! Enter  below by 6/1.

 Special thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuff PR and Identity Games for providing us with this product to review!  All opinions are honest and our own.

How I Make $1,000 a Month With ShareASale, A Step-by-Step Guide with All My Secrets

This is the final post in my How to Make Money Blogging series.  For the last 2 months, I've made a total of $2,000 from ShareASale. Here is my step-by-step guide on how I did it... minus the things I tried that didn't work. ;) And nope, I don't spend hours on the computer everyday. I spend an average of an hour a night blogging. My days are full, fun, busy, and not-computery. So you definitely don't have to spend a ton of time to make a bit of money!

#1. I found out which ShareASale companies provide free products to their affiliates and review them (yes, I spent some late night hours applying for every SAS brand that could possible fit my niche and e-mailed all of them to compile you and me this nearly-completed but oft-updated list).  Genuine product reviews bring in sales--fake copy and pasted posts just don't... and who wants a blog filled with that kind of stuff, anyway?! Find that list here along with a sample e-mail to send to these companies once they approve you as an affiliate.

#2. I started using StumbleUpon and a few of my posts went viral and got me a lot of affiliate sales. The trick--don't just share your own posts! StumbleUpon doesn't like that. They want you to actually use their site and like other people's blogs, too, or they'll stop sharing your posts.

#3. I use my own affiliate links when making necessary purchases. Needed a wedding gift, headed to Zazzle with my link, needed birthday gifts for my kiddos, headed to Magic Beans, needed clothes for said kiddos, headed to Plus, as an affiliate you're the first to know about the best sales and top deals. These are called self-referred sales. They're allowed, even encouraged, unless they specifically say "no self-referred sales"--this is usually the case with first time sale bonuses.  There are a few subscription box companies which you'll find in this list that you can actually use your affiliate link to purchase and make money off of (for example, pay $5 shipping for a free trial box and receive a $25 payment). Of course, you won't get paid until the 20th of the following month (this is the date ShareASale always makes payments) and this can only be done once per company (with the exception noted here). Because of that, I use a credit card and pay it off each month when my SAS payment hits my bank account. I suggest the Chase Freedom Cashback card because they pay you a $175 sign-up bonus (no annual fee, which is important) so you can essentially make money off of making money!

#4. I encourage my blogging friends to sign up for ShareASale companies with my two-tier affiliate links (found in the "View Creative Banners/Links" section of each brand within SAS who offers this).  For every two-tier sign-up you get, certain brands will pay you anywhere from $5-$25 per blogger who is approved.  Feel free to use my post here as a draft, change the two-tier links to your own, and post to your own blog to share with your blogger community. This is where the vast percentage of my SAS income has come from.

Phew! That's pretty much it!  Any questions or anything not clear, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at I'm happy to help my fellow bloggers! Good luck and have fun!

Thursday, May 19

How to Make Money Blogging: 11 Free Subscription Boxes with Self-Referring Sales

Love With Food Deluxe Box
There are a number of subscription box affiliate companies that will pay you a profit for signing up with your own
affiliate links (for example, pay $5 shipping for a free trial box and receive a $25 payment).  After all, once you receive your box, you can review it and bring them new customers and maybe, just maybe, you'll decide to stay subscribed.  
Bramble Box
I tried out each of these boxes, but cancelled all of them but one after the first month. I say this to say that it's super easy to cancel. Just log-in to your account, click "cancel" or e-mail them, and you're done. The one I kept was Beauty Box 5 because it's a great value for your dollar.  Important: be sure and check for any coupon codes before purchasing so that you can make the most profit.  Some of these are free trials where you only pay shipping and you end up making $20. Can't beat that, right?!  Just check for the current promo, make your purchase, and then check ShareASale; your commission will show up immediately.  These are called self-referred sales. They're allowed, even encouraged,  
Of course, you won't get paid until the 20th of the following month (this is the date ShareASale always makes payments) and this can only be done once per company (with the exception of LoveWithFood who will pay you for both a gluten free box trial and an original box trial). Because of that, I use a credit card and pay it off each month when my SAS payment hits my bank account. I suggest the Chase Freedom Cashback card because they pay you a $175 sign-up bonus (no annual fee, which is important) so you can essentially make money off of making money! Following are the 10 subscription boxes I was able make money by purchasing. Note: some of these will only bring a profit if they have a current coupon code. If they don't, just read your affiliate newsletters when they come in--sooner or later, there will be a high end percentage off.

Monday, May 16

Suggestion Box for my Lovely Readers

Recently, one of my best friends said she'd love to see a few companies reviewed on my blog. I was able to review one of her favorites and get her an amazing discount!  It made me wonder if any of the rest of you have products you really like but don't want to pay full price for that I could possibly review and get you a special discount for.  Often, the companies I work with create promo codes for my readers just because I ask which aren't advertised anywhere else.  And, of course, I will always do my best to provide you with giveaways or samples! So let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can do. :)

Sunday, May 15

The Most Delicious Bowl of Oatmeal I've Ever Had! #BakeryOnMain

Lately, my hubby and I have been making healthy changes to our diets.  No more high fructose corn syrup, less added sugars. My new favorite breakfast is oatmeal with fruit... and I've tried quite a few varieties.  I was eating Quaker, but then was sent Bakery on Main's Happy Quick Oats to try and I never would've thought one oatmeal could be so much better than another!

Baker on Main's Oats absorb the water very quickly and perfectly.  Maybe that's because their oats are much smaller than the other brands? I'm not sure, but they make for the most delicious breakfast!  With blueberries and strawberries, along with a fresh cup of iced tea, I'm in heaven!  And it's healthy!
I was thrilled to find Bakery on Main's Quick Oats in the natural food aisle of Fry's over the weekend.  Though the store doesn't show up on their locator along with Sprouts and other natural food stores, it seems Kroger stores will now be carrying them.  I live out of the city, about a 45 minute drive from a dedicated natural foods store, so I was super excited to find Baker on Main at Fry's! They also have granola bars and other items I haven't tried yet, but definitely will. For now, the Happy Quick Oats are one item that's a must to always have in my pantry!

Next time you're in a natural foods store or Kroger store, look for them and make yourself an amazing bowl of oatmeal!  If you're out of fruit, try honey. It's amazing, too! Or my hubby loves it with brown sugar and natural maple syrup. Let me know what you decide to try!

Saturday, May 14

After Trying 7 Different Food Delivery Plans, the Winner is In! Plus a $35 Fresh Realm Coupon for my Readers

Over the last 2 months, we've tried 7 different "meal kit", or food and recipe, delivery companies. Fresh Realm wins the #1 ranking for so many reasons--not only is their food delicious, but it arrives fresher than any of the others (you'll see why below), they offer you a choice of around 60 different meals each week, they have the best "try it" promo with $35 off, and they don't get you with a weekly meal plan subscription!  You simply order what you want when you want, and set it for delivery on the day you want.
This is why Fresh Realm lives up to their name. Their food comes packaged in sturdy containers in a refrigerator-like contraption! My husband said, "Can we keep it?" No can do, as they send someone out to collect it the next day. The other meal kit companies deliver in boxes. Oftentimes, food is squished, arrives leaking, and many times makes a mess. I've received 4 of these shipments and each time the food has been incredibly fresh and perfect! Each item also has a use-by date. You'd think that'd be a given, but some of the other companies don't include that.

My pretty girl helping me cook. Each and every ingredient comes pre-measured. With the exception of salt, pepper, and oil, every single item is included down to the fresh herbs and pre-diced veggies.  The recipes are easy enough for a child to follow and the dinners are so delicious!

This dinner was so good--hericots verts (green beans) with chicken in a bacon sauce, and watermelons on the side. Yep, even the fresh fruit comes with the meal. And those were some of the best watermelons we'd had in a long time!
It was a beautiful day for dinner outside and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Use this link to receive a $20 credit in your account which can be combined with their current coupon code FR15OFF to save a total of $35 on your first order. This amounts to 50% off. Let me know what recipes you try!

Friday, May 13

62 ShareASale Companies that Send Free Products to Bloggers Organized by Type (Beauty, Fashion, Kids, Pets, Subscription Boxes, Food, Gifts)

All of the below companies have either sent me sample products in the past year or have expressed an interest in doing so and they are also members of ShareASale which means they will pay me for any sales I generate for them. You can sign up for each one by clicking their links below. If you're a member of ShareASale, all you need to do is sign into your account, scroll through their terms, and click a checkbox. Don't worry about filling out the "general marketing plan" box. I have never put anything in that box and I'm approved about 99% of the time!  If you're new to ShareASale, simply fill out their application on the first one and, after that, each application takes about 4 seconds to complete. 

After you're approved for each company, send them a short e-mail.  Here's a sample you can feel free to copy and paste to make it your own.

Dear Jaya, 
Thank you for accepting me into your affiliate program.  Your children's products sound wonderful! If you're currently able to provide complimentary samples or gift credit to your affiliates, I would love to review an item or two at The Traveling Sisterhood.
Thank you for considering and have a lovely weekend!

Good luck and have fun!






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check out our Featured Post here.