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Friday, January 20

Our Favorite Subscription Box of 2016 is... Degustabox!

On December 30th, the subscription box arrived that blew every other snack subscription we'd ever tried out of the water! And I'm not exaggerating, ladies. You've got to see these pics to believe it! From full-sized boxes of yogurt snacks and popcorn to ready-to-prepare breakfast for the whole family, Degustabox thoroughly impressed me with all of its 11 items... and what's more, your first box is 50% off at $9.99 PLUS you get a bonus bag of the most delicious candy! Read on for the coupon code...

Little did I know just how much I would enjoy it!

Oh. My. Goodness. Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix on the day after I had just run out of flour. My family eats pancakes almost daily and these were delicious!

This was my afternoon snack. I had never imagined drinking aloe vera, but it was positively refreshing. I'll definitely be looking for this one at Wal-mart.

We haven't tried the Parmesan Cheese Crisps yet because I'm going to be using them with a recipe--smashing them up and coating them with chicken for a new take on chicken parmesan, one of my favorites.

If you're a fan of ginger, you'd love these tea sachets! My pen pal happens to love ginger so I'm going to be sending these her way in a pretty book box. Nothing goes better with a warm cup of tea than a good book.

Mm! These were our favorite things in the box! Go Organically makes absolutely delicious fruit snacks! Everyone in the family was thrilled to see these in the box.

More fruit snacks! And I started to realize, "Wow! This box is really a lot of bang for the buck!"

Pop Corn and a movie! An hour or so after our unboxing, I took my son down to Wal-mart so that we could rent the new Lego Batman movie with the Redbox code. Definitely a fun surprise!

My son, who is a granola bar fiend, was excited for the Smart Kids Bar! And mama was happy, too. I'm always on the lookout for new snacks and the Degusta box is a fun way to find some newbies that you can actually find in the grocery store... unlike some of those subscription boxes out there. Not naming any names. ;)

Something adventurous! I've had Indian food but never cooked it. This one's on the menu for next week.

The only item that didn't come full size, but it did include 4 little party cake muffins and they were delish!

The One & Done Seasoning was something added to boxes as a little bonus for subscribers who filled out a survey. I used mine to coat oven-baked potato fries and it was perfect!

The total retail value I came up with was $29 and some change. A gonga deal! Especially for $9.99, but even for $19.99! You can get your Degustabox here for 50% off. Be sure and use the code MYLOVELY to get the added bonus of a bag of Lovely Candy Superfruit Chews. They're heavenly, you guys!

Thursday, January 19

Get Your Free $10 Olive Garden Gift Card from TopCashback!

What's free to join, offers the highest cashback rate guarantee and has no minimum payouts? It's TopCashback! And right now they're giving a FREE $10 Gift Card to everyone who signs up. I got mine! Here's how to get yours:
Join TopCashback and sign up for a FREE account.
Once you’ve successfully signed up, you’ll be redirected to the Olive Garden $10 Gift Card offer page. Click ‘Get Offer Now’.
Add 1 $10 Gift Card to your cart and checkout.
Within 14 days, your account will be credited with your FREE $10 in Cash Back!
*Make sure that your cart only has one $10 in your cart during checkout.

* New TopCashback members only. 
Ends January 25th at 23:59 PST

Saturday, January 14

Modarri Wins Best Toy of 2016 in The Traveling Sisterhood's Sons' Choice Award!

My son absolutely loves his Modarri cars! This is one toy that never ceases to be exciting. I just ordered him a new car body pack and he is going to be thrilled to receive it in the mail. Here, our Lego Friends are going on an adventure with their new Camo Car and Beach Cruzer.  My daughter was so excited for the chance to build her own Modarri car!  It's a beauty.  And the Camo Car is super cool, too.  The camouflage is really working for this guy!
She's ready for adventure!

And so is he!
They're going on an off road adventure to find the perfect camping spot!

They made it and even set up their campfire just as dusk was setting in!

The Camo Car and Beach Cruzer come in a set, or you can get them separately.  There are also tons of other Modarri carsI think my son has the entire collection now and he's always eager for the newest vehicles! 

Modarri Cars are so awesome because kids build them themselves and you can mix and match their parts down to the smallest details.  Plus they're very high quality. My son has been playing with his oldest Modarri cars for about 2 years consistently and never has a piece broken!

Friday, January 13

Lottie Dolls Win Best Toy of 2016 in The Traveling Sisterhood Daughters' Choice Award!

Three years after my daughters' first set eyes on Lottie and they still love these dolls! Here, my youngest daughter is about to set out to discover ammonites and Plesiosaur bones with the new Fossil Hunter Lottie DollWe are so enamored with these dolls!  They're sweet, perfect--very original and unique, and a great option over Barbies.  Lottie looks like a little girl and she has so many interests.  There are scientists, animal lovers, nature girls, the list goes on.  There are extremely girly Lottie Dolls and outdoorsy Lotties.  Just like real girls, they have a huge variety of passions.
Fossil Hunter Lottie comes with the type of clothing real paleontologists would wear out on a dig.  She also has a rucksack, fossil hunting tools (magnifying glass, trowel, and geology hammer), 4 ammonite fossils, and special collector cards about a British female fossil hunter named Mary Anning who lived 200 years ago. 
Here is our Autumn Leaves Lottie with the Pony Flag Race Accessory Set which includes a riding outfit, trophy, and ribbons. The pony pictured here is being discontinued to make room for a new set called Pony Club Lottie which will be available in the US soon.

Here's a video of Autumn Leaves Lottie in her everyday wear, wrapped up warm in her coat, hat, scarf and boots, Lottie explores Harley Wood with her dog, Biscuit the Beagle, kicking her way through all the crisp, colorful leaves!

The Lottie dolls are really wonderful! They even stand on their own two feet, which is something that can't be said for most fashion dolls. Each Lottie doll has a unique personality so there's a Lottie doll to fit every girl. One of my daughters loves dance and gymnastics. Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie has a detachable tutu so that she can also wear a gymnastics leotard. She can even take off her ballet shoes and put them in her drawstring shoe bag. So cute!
Many of the Lottie dolls have won awards--20 prestigious awards in the last year!--in categories such as "Loved by Parents", "Imaginative Role Play", and "Positive Role Model". There are lots of fun accessory sets for Lottie, too.

Lottie is available online at, over 1000 independent toy stores, selected Toys R Us stores, Hallmark, and Barnes & Noble.  Lottie doll retails at $19.95. Accessory sets and outfit sets retail at $9.95.  You can find them locally by using their store locator
Sign up for Club Lottie for info on giveaways, the newest dolls, and fun promotions!

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Wednesday, January 11

Kidpik Releases a Collection Filled with Shine and Sparkle!

kidpik, the new go-to fashion box for girls from 3-12, is now shipping its Holiday 2016 collection, delivering a world of luxurious fashion! If you sign up over the holiday season, she'll get her first box in early January.
There's also an option to shop some of their individual items at starting at just $10! My youngest daughter has selected this outfit: a sparkly cardigan in and a pretty turqoise dress that comes with "just enough sparkle to make her shine". She already can't wait to try them on, and you'll definitely see a review of the outfit once it arrives!
kidpik offers a uniquely designed, limited edition custom fashion collection of premium apparel, footwear and accessories for girls age 3-12 (sizes 4-14.) The brand empowers girls to define their own individual style beginning with an online style quiz that offers personal styling and delivers the excitement of an unboxing experience. Whether your girl favors classic, trendy, girly or active, her kidpik box will be customized just for her including 7 high quality items, including shoes and an accessory. Each box provides complete, fashionable head to toe outfits delivered commitment-free to her door. Keep the entire box and receive a 30% discount, for an average cost of $12.00 per item. 
kidpik offers box plans including monthly, once or twice per season, or as a one-time gift box for the holidays, making kidpik a great gift that continues to deliver year-round to the girls in your life.

Thursday, January 5

New Year, New You: Beauty Bath Edition with Bathmatical's Heavenly Subscription Box!

Last week, I had the immense pleasure of trying out my new products from Bathmatical. Unlike other subscription box companies that send you 1 or 2 full sized products and the rest sample sized, all of these were full size. Awesome! Immediately upon opening the box, the combination of all of the scents wafted into the air.
Each month's box contains an assortment of 5 products from different artisans from around the country.  Items vary every month and can include bath fizzies (like these ones), masks, essential oils, handmade soaps, scrubs, bath teas, body salves, exfoliantes, aromatherapy, and other fancy bath items.
Of course, I had to drop some of the bath salts in, too, but just a bit. I've taken two baths since receiving my Bathmatical box so my bath bombs are gone into oblivion, so next time I'll be dumping a bunch of these in there! I can't wait. New bath adventures are as exciting as new books. They both go so well together!

I wish you could smell this Cranberry Body Polish! It's fluffy, whipped, sugary, and leaves your skin silky smooth. Plus, a little bit of it goes a long way. I followed it up with....

... the Sunshine Face and Body Cream. Another incredibly amazing scent, this time of orange, Japanese yuzu (gonna have to google that one), and Shea Butter, it melted right into my skin and left it so soft.
Legend has it the gorgeous Cleopatra bathed in milk and rose petals to give her silk a creamy glow and fresh scent.  I decided to try my own beauty bath with the products from my boxDid I go a bit overboard using everything from my box in one bath? Maybe... but I'll definitely do it again! After all, there's way more than enough. You guys, I'm telling you, this stuff is absolutey heavenly. All of it. Whoever chooses the products for the monthly Bathmatical boxes deserves a bonus. Or a raise. Something. The combination left my skin so incredibly soft. Try Bathmatical if you want to fall as in love with your skin as Antony was with Cleopatra. ;)
Use the code SISTERHOOD and receive 20% off your first box of a month-to-month subscription--that's $28 total for a box with a retail value of $58! Come back and let me know what goodies you get in your box!
Special thanks to the awesome people at Bathmatical for providing me with this box to review.

Friday, December 30

How I Made $10000 Blogging an Hour a Day in 2016: The Free, Step-by-Step How-to Guide

So here's the run down, my blogging friends:
ShareASale (SAS): $5,407
Educents: $3,475
SoFab: $375
Adsense: $104
Commission Junction: $58
Random Sponsored Posts: $650
Total: $10,069

As you can see, SAS is my biggest earner. I wrote all about their affiliate platform in this series of posts. Educents was my 2nd biggest and by far the funnest! They have a great Facebook group, sweet people to work with, and they provide huge bonuses. Most of my earnings from them actually came from affiliate bonuses like "Sell the most Hooked-on-Phonics stuff this week, and win $150 on top of your commission." Stuff like that. I did just 3 sponsored posts for SoFab. Those are super fun "shoppertunities" but the applications can be time-consuming so I didn't invest as much time into them as into Educents and SAS. Commission Junction... meh. I haven't gotten into using it yet. Similar to SAS but not as many bonus opportunities and I just don't prefer the platform. SAS is much more user-friendly, imo, but some people love CJ so it's worth checking out. As for Adsense, that's Blogger's ad program. They allow me to place 3 ads in my sidebars and they're not annoying so I keep them up, but they only bring in about $100 a year for me. No effort on my part and $100 so I'll take it. ;) So there you have it, my friends! Click the hyperlinks throughout this paragraph for more detailed info into each program--how to sign up, how best to use it, samples of e-mails to send to companies, etc. 

 Here's to a productive 2017!

Haven't started your product review blog yet? Head on over here and I'll show you how!

Thursday, December 22

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide! Affordable, Unique Things You Can Find In Town

Here you'll find super affordable stocking stuffers for everyone on your list from the hubby to the mom to the kids! You can find these items locally at places like Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Michael's.

Balm Shot--now this stuff is amazing! My hubby and I both agree. This lip balm comes packaged like ammo! It's very cool looking, but it is also incredibly moisturizing and doesn't have that horrid taste like some balms and chapsticks do. I prefer the Pomegranate, while my hubby likes the Classic. There's also a Vanilla Mint that has a light tint to it.

You can get Balm Shot at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $5. Definitely an awesome stocking stuffer, especially if your guy is into hunting!

The BBC's Jericho on DVD was one of my favorite shows this year. Those it's a lesser known one, it was so good! It's an English Western (didn't know there was such a thing, did ya?) and the BBC did it well! For the fan who's seen almost every BBC romantic period drama, this is just the thing! It came out earlier this year and I'm pretty sure you can find it at Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble.
My kids love these animals from Safari Ltd.! They're the perfect stocking stuffer. The company makes every animal you can imagine--both realistic and fantasy. Find them at Michael's where you can use their 40% off coupon to get them at a great deal.