Wednesday, January 21

Jolly Llama Frozen Deliciousness! A Giveaway of #HealthyDesserts

My kiddos and I love Jolly Llamas frozen sorbet pops!  They are so delicious!  We tried every flavor we could find at Whole Foods.  You can see them in our fridge below.  We loved trying them all--it was so fun!  It's hard to choose a favorite, but most of us favored Raspberry.  I also especially liked the Pineapple Coconut and made it into a Pina Colada Smoothie which was absolutely amazing! Best of all is every single one of my friends can eat them--they're all natural, gluten-free, peanut free, non-gmo, kosher, dairy-free, and all around perfect for anyone.  And did I mention that they're really, really amazingly delicious?!

Which one should we eat?  Eenie meenie minie moe...

Everyone with her favorite!
Pina Colada Jolly Llama Smoothie--so delish!

We got our Jolly Llama snacks at Whole Foods but you can also find them at Sprouts, Earthfare, and Fairway.  They come not only in fruit flavors, but mint and chocolate flavors, too.

Two winners will receive free boxes of Jolly Llama Pops!  Enter below by January 29th at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next morning via

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Which Jolly Llama flavor do you think sounds best?

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Jolly Llama for providing us with this review and giveaway opportunity!

Tuesday, January 20

Milk Nursingwear: Gorgeous Dresses for Nursing and After! #FashionGiveaway

No, I don't have a big announcement to make.  ;)  Unless discovering pretty, quality nursing wear that you will actually want to continue wearing after you've finished nursing is a "big announcement"! 

Milk Nursingwear's styles are simple, timeless pieces that allow the nursing mama to feel feminine and stylish.  I chose to review their Contemporary Knot Dress in teal.  This material is so incredibly soft!  I believe it is the softest item hanging in my very full closet.  While you can nurse easily by lifting the knot-front, it also has complete coverage.  Plus it has a nice stretch; I can see how it works perfectly as maternity wear, too.  It's amazing! 

My hubby loves this dress on me.  It's now his favorite in my closet!  It's perfect because you can simply throw it on with some flats and head to the store or anywhere else.  It's comfortable for wearing even simply around the house... but it also looks gorgeous at church with a pair of black heals.  I so wish I'd known of Milk Nursingwear while I was nursing my little ones!  My nursing friends also loved my dress and I'll definitely be keeping this clothing line in mind for the next baby shower I attend.

One winner will receive a $35 gift card to spend at Milk Nursingwear!  Enter below by January 29th at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next morning via

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Check out their sale and let me know which Milk fashion item you'll buy if you win!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Milk Nursing Wear for providing me with this review opportunity!

Monday, January 12

Zotos Professional 180Pro Moisture Repair Kit: My Favorite Salon Products! #Giveaway

I'm not gonna lie--I totally love my hair.... most of the time!  Which is to say when I have the wrong hair products I totally do not love my hair.  Since it's curly and thick, it's really prone to frizz.  Most of the time, in order to keep all the frizz away I end up sacrificing softness.  And who likes crunchy curls?  I'd much rather have them nice and soft and my newest hair products really impressed me.  I raved to my husband about it and even he commented on how much softer my hair felt. And the cashier at the check out line of Whole Foods the other day said, "I just have to tell you, you have the most awesome hair".  I kind of think the reason he let me use 5 free item coupons in one transaction was b/c of my beautiful hair.  But that's just conjecture. ;)

So here's a pic of me and my "awesome" hair taken today after using 180PRO's Moisture Repair Discover Kit (Shampoo, Conditioner, and Damage Eliminator treatment) for one week.  Everyday now, I also use their Heat Rescue which is a leave in cream and their Total Tamer which is a mousse product, as opposed to the gel and hairspray I was using before.  I love this stuff!  The directions, for once, are accurate when they say "apply a quarter size amount to hair".  My hair is so long and thick, I usually need a lot more than that.  But this stuff is amazing and a little really does go a long way. 

Where to Buy
You can find 180Pro at Sally Beauty and Beauty Mart.

Win It!
Five of my readers will receive the Moisture Repair Discovery Kit thanks to the generous people at Zotos Professional.  Enter below by 1/19 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  In the meantime, I hope you're having a wonderful new year!

Special thanks to the great people at Zotos Professional for facilitating this product review and giveaway!

Saturday, January 10

Click'N Read Looney Tunes Phonics Trial #Free #Homeschool

Everyday, when I ask my kiddos if they want to play Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, they whoop and cheer and beg to be first!  The original ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL are also great, but I must admit, I think the Looney Tunes program is 10 times better.   You can try a couple of sample lessons by clicking the link and then clicking on "Free Sample Lessons".  There's no signing up required to try the freebies--just point, click, and let your kiddos have some fun as they learn. 

Delivered online, Looney Tunes Phonics contains 100 research based interactive cartoon lessons that teach the entire kindergarten to third grade phonics curriculum. Children master reading skills in an interactive environment that is fun and easy to use. Featuring the zany antics of Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Taz, Tweety and more, children learn to read the right way with help from the world famous Looney Tunes characters.  It's really fun and even I get into the end of each lesson when we get to see the continuing Looney Tunes cartoon!

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Thursday, January 8

Baking Deliciously with Kodiak Cakes #Giveaway

"Your pancake mix is the reason that my boyfriend fell in love with me and now we live happily ever after..."
-New York
Isn't the above quote about Kodiak Cakes so cute?  They really are some good pancakes!  We added sprinkles to ours and they were delish.  The pancake mix works for waffles, too, and you only add water!  Super easy and convenient--I was out of eggs and was so glad to see I didn't need any that morning.  My kiddos loved the pancakes and so did I. 

Kodiak Cakes also make Big Bear Brownie and Oatmeal Cookie mixes with whole grains and dark chocolate, both of which we also tried. Only problem was... we ate them faster than we could take pics of them!  I shared both desserts with friends and they loved 'em, too.  All of Kodiaks foods are made with whole grains and are tasty and filling.  They also make Granola, Gourmet Syrups, and Minute Muffins (I'd love to try these--they're cups you cook for a minute and they make muffins--yum!) 

One winner will receiver her choice of either Pancake and Waffle Mix or a Dessert Sampler of Brownie and Cookie Mixes.  Enter below by January 16th at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next morning.

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Kodiak Cakes for providing me with this review and giveaway opportunity!