Sunday, August 23

Updated: FREE $230 Shopping Spree! (For Real!)

I am officially in love and addicted to Yerdle. Basically you can sell stuff you have laying around the house that you think you don’t use for Yerdle dollars. Then use those dollars to get stuff you want. How cool is that? Right now they are offering a FREE $35 Credit AND FREE SHIPPING on Your First Purchase when you sign up for a free account!

That is a free $35 to spend AND free shipping! 

If you want to earn more (and clean out the house) sell items for more Yerdle dollars to buy stuff you need. It’s REALLY easy to upload items too – take a pic and upload using the app. MUCH easier than eBay. Plus they pay for the shipping, so all you have to do is print out the mailing label and drop it off at any UPS drop box. Let me know if you sign up and find a treasure!

Next up is Gwynnie Bee -- the Netflix of fashion! 
Free 30 day trial!  No Catch

Gwynnie Bee is advertised as being for women sizes 10 and up.  But guess what? I'm a size 6 and I've found some styles I love!  If you're a size 6 or 8, I recommend you sign up for the free 30 day trial and add anything from the Karen Kane or London Times in a Medium or 10 (they run very small).  I've "closeted" a dress I love from them and I really don't think I'm going to send it back.  The beauty of it is, there's no limit to how long you can keep what you love!  With the 30 day trial, you actually get about a 5 week trial.  If you cancel after 30 days, you still have a week to send back anything you still have--and they send you 3 items at once.

Next up is Schoola--where you'll get $50 and free shipping.

With this one, I was able to get $50 worth of free clothes for my girlies, no purchase necessary and free shipping! 

1. click the link or the pic.
2. sign up for an account. that gets you a $15 credit
3. switch to desktop site if on mobile device
4. top of page click collections
5. click new collection
6. create a collection and it gives you a $10 credit
7. shop the site and add $50 worth of clothes to your cart.
8. check out and add coupon code
‪#‎schoolasummer‬ (make sure to include the #)
9. it will take 50% off your order and you get free shipping. Voila!

You can also get $20 free at ThredUp (free shipping there, too!)

And my favorite!  If you have pretty good credit, you can get $125 free from Chase! 

I am a total use-my-credit-card-and-pay-it-off-every-month kind of girl.  That way I get all the goodies (the bonuses & cash back) without having to pay any interest.  This is the card I use for my daily stuff and the cash-back adds up quickly.  Especially right now, because when you apply for it, you get a $100 sign-up bonus if you spend $500 in 3 months--pay your bills with it and buy your groceries and the $500 is spent!  You also get an additional $25 back if you add your hubby to the card--or your mom, or any other authorized user.  Plus, there's 0% interest for 15 months.  Awesome!  So go sign up and have a shopping spree! Expires 11/1/15.

Get $100 cash back with Chase Freedom®. Apply before 6/1/2015 at

P.S. Beauty Bridge will give you from $10-$100 for signing up and then referring friends to their Beauty Rewards Program! No purchase necessary. ;)

Saturday, August 22

Free! "God Made Kittens" Stickerbook and Bunny Stickers

Tyndale Rewards has a ton of new stuff for littles--my kiddos are going to love this one!  It's only 15 pts from Tyndale Rewards and if you're new to their free rewards program, you get 25 points just for signing up!  The "It's Spring" bunny stickers are only 10 pts, so you can get both--shipping is free, too!  Grab these one before they're all gone. :)

Friday, August 21

Dog Park Etiquette with Bil-Jac #Giveaway!

We love to take Lucy to the park when it's nice! We haven't taken her to a "dog park" yet but it sounds like a great way for our four-legged friend to get some much-needed exercise and socialize! Here are some dog park etiquette tips for those of you who are first-timers like us:

1. Clean up - Don't forget to pick up any messes left by your dog! The other pet-lovers at the park will appreciate it.

2. Leave your little puppy at home - Puppies under the age of four months should wait to go to a dog park.

3. Put the phone down - Make sure you are properly supervising your dog.

4. Learn some commands – Your dog should know a few basic commands before you visit a dog park. Most important might be 'come.' Bil-Jac treats are great for teaching! Visit to find the best variety for you!

Lucy is super picky about dog treats, it turns out, but she loves these ones that look like little sausages!  They're sold at Petsmart, Petco, or you can find them near you at

You can win some Bil-Jac Grain Free Dog treats for your pooch! Enter below by 8/31 at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next day!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Bil-Jac for this opportunity!  All opinions are honest and our own.

A Lucy Unboxing: PoochPerks Dog Box! #Giveaway

Our Lucy was so excited to unbox her very own PoochPerks Box!  She has tried 4 different boxes and this has been are all-time fave!  It was packed so full of high-quality toys, treats, and puppy care items that I was just as impressed as my pooch!   Lucy unboxed 2 squeekie toys which instantly became her newest babies, a big huge peanut butter doggie bar (her favorite), a bag full of doggie jerky (her other favorite), a heavy-duty chewing toy, some natural ear wax cleaner (I really needed this--dogs with ear hair and ear wax, well, it's not a pretty picture...), some gourmet dog treats, some apple cinnamon bone-shaped dog treats, and a bag of little doggie sausages!  Once we went inside, she took her new babies right to her bed.  She also grabbed that peanut butter dog cookie bar thing and rushed to hide with it... with the wrapping still on!

Mom, Mom, it's for me!
Going inside, just like the dog on the box!
This smells good... and this.... and this!!!  I want to try them all, Mom!

Sit.  Sit.  Good dog! 

Happy puppy loves her PoochPerks!

One thing that is especially cool about PoochPerks is that their treats are all made in the U.S.A. and I believe they were all natural and organic, good for my pooch.  That is awesome and something I love to support!   Their plans always have free shipping and start at $20 and go on up depending on your pooch's needs and mommy's budget.  ;)  

You can win a Perfect PoochPerks box for your pooch filled with toys and treats! Enter below by 8/31 at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next day!

You Can Find PoochPerks On

Special thanks to PoochPerks for providing Lucy with this box to review!

Thursday, August 20

Tiny Soles Kids Shoes $50 Gift Card #Giveaway!

My daughter received a pair of Stride Rite Racer Lights from Tiny Soles to review and she was so excited b/c these shoes really are awesome!  The Stride Rite Racer Lights Starpower shoe features first of its kind Racer lights technology that challenges her to have fast feet! When she makes as many rapid steps within a 20 second time frame as she can, the lights change from a chase sequence to a strobe effect. A step counter within the shoe tracks her steps and activates the strobe when she goes “turbo”.  Now how cool is that?! 

She was so excited they sent her a lollipop along with her shoes!

Opening it up!  Feels like Christmas!
Testing out the lights! They work!  She can't wait to run in them and see the turbo strobe effect.
What first impressed me about TinySoles was their variety.  They're dedicated to providing the most complete selection of stylish, comfortable shoes for babies, infants, toddlers and kids and it shows!  They also have socks and clothing and great sales!  Whoever wins the gift card could certainly pick out more than just a pair of shoes, considering ours were $34 on sale, they're awesome, and the shipping is free.

You Can Follow TinySoles On

One winner will receive a $50 gift card! Enter below by 8/31 at 11 pm anyone's time.
What will you buy your kiddo if you win?!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at TinySoles for this review opportunity.  All opinions are honest and our own.

Wednesday, August 19

History Unboxed, A #Giveaway to Bring History Alive and Make it Exciting for Kids!

I was so excited when I opened our first History Unboxed... box!  You see, I minored in Anthropology and the civilization that fascinated me the most was the Indus Valley Civilization, whose major cities were Harappa and Mohenjodaro.  This was the theme of the box centered around toys and games! The Indus Valley Civilization sprang up about 5000 years ago and archaeologists have uncovered so much in the area!  Everything from toys to board and dice games.  I was really impressed with History Unboxed b/c the creator of it had done everything I would do had I the time.  She made it easy for me, right down to the pen pal-like letter from Ava, who travels through time and the world to bring us exciting history.

The box was filled with a terracotta bird whistle, Henna dye, wooden dice set, unicorn sticker/seal, instructions, pen pal letter, and detailed info on the culture. Comprehensive and perfect!

The object of the game: roll better than your opponent!

Our favorite thing in the box that truly amazed it.  We filled the terracotta bird with water, blew into it, and the song was as lovely as any songbird!  Check out our video clip and you'll want one!

In October, I'm going to be part of a history reenactment at my church.  The theme is "The Genius of Ancient Man".  For my center, I'll be dressing up and playing the part of someone from the time period of this very History Unboxed set.  My theme was inspired by the box and I'm so excited about it!  Kids and parents will come to my center to olay and learn about ancient games and toys people enjoyed as long ago as 3000 BC and they'll also make a game of their own called Mancala, a game that's been around for thousands of years.  It's so important to understand that people from even 5,000 years ago were intelligent with systems of writing, metallurgy techniques, gorgeous jewelry and intriguing art, and trade routes; these definitely weren't "cave men" or even farmers just working their lives away--they had leisure time and creativity.  Maybe even more creativity than we have today!  After all, they came up with this stuff without Google and Pinterest to help them out. ;)

One of my readers will win a month of History Unboxed for littler kids (5-9) or older kids (10-15).  Enter below by August 31 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.   

Who is your favorite person in History?
One of mine is Florence Nightingale, the Lady With the Lamp.  Another is Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen! 

Special thanks to the wonderful people at History Unboxed for providing us with this product to review!

Terax Handcrafted Hair Care: Love it!

My Terax conditioner, and coloring locking leave-in conditioner could not have had a more timely arrival!  At my doorstep just the day before I colored my hair for the first time in years, the timing was ideal.  I love the shampoo (perfect amount of suds and scent), love the conditioner (perfectly thick for my curly hair--it's gotta be thick or it won't do the job for me!), and love the leave-in conditioner.  It's got that color-retaining scent that's familiar and it seems to be doing the job after 3 weeks of use. 

I love the Terax "shine" leave-in conditioner!  I spritz it on on the mornings I don't wash my hair, besides every time I get out of the shower. It includes keratin which gives it instant shine that really does last all day.

Terax is a family company and really does create amazing products!  Something I can easily support!
 Their "crema" conditioner is very moisturizing and creamy and makes my hair very soft to get the brush (or my fingers) right through without any tangles.  It's perfect!

So what does "handcrafted hair care" mean?  I loved their witty definition of it so I'm going to steal it and put it here since I couldn't have said it better in my own words. ;)
"Does it mean that we carve each and every bottle, tube and cap with a pocketknife, while sitting in a rocking chair sipping some sweet tea? Of course not.  ​Does it mean that we blend our ingredients by taking turns dancing on them like an old world winemaker? You can't be serious. ​Does it mean that we all jump into the mixing tank, hold hands and run around in a circle as fast as we can until everything is dissolved? Not in a million years, although that does sound like fun.  (I agree, it does sound fun!) 

​To us, HANDCRAFTED HAIRCARE means having complete control of each and every product that comes out of our facility. ​It means that we: ​1 - Develop our own formulas from scratch, based on input from our customers, not simply a rehash of something from another brand. 2 - Test these formulas on ourselves and with our partner salons, friends and family before they make it to retail shelves.  Trust us, this is not the most glamorous part of the job. 3 - Mix and fill everything in our own production facility, with someone from our family personally handling each and every product before it goes into the box. 4 - Ship everything from one location to our distribution and retail partners.  And sometimes . . . even right to your door. 

We aren't simply a marketing company recycling tired old formulas.  We don't work with a giant contract filler in another part of the country to make our products.  We don't ship to a giant warehouse, loaded with several other beauty brands, where products sit for months on end.  We take prid  e in handling every part of this complex process, it's part of our history - part of our family way."
You Can Find Terax On
Special thanks to the wonderful people at Terax for providing me with their products to review!

Thursday, August 13

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

We all have those Facebook friends who are little more than acquaintances we see every once in awhile.  About three years ago, one of mine wrote a status update asking if anyone wanted to be pen pals.  I knew she was looking for an out-of-state pen pal, but even though we live in the same zip code, I commented "I'll be your pen pal!"  It sounded fun, and she took me up on it.  What started as something silly turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in my life!

We began to write letters.  We went all out--wax seals, stationary, and all.  We wrote about our favorite things, our past, our families.  It turned out we had so much more in common than we ever imagined.  We discovered the kinds of things you rarely discover with even your best friends and we became best friends not only through letter, but in real life.  Last year, something happened that devastated me.  It was something I could talk to very few people about.  But I could talk to her.  In real life, she prayed with me.  By mail, she encouraged me.  I trusted her with my deepest secrets, we can tell each other anything, and I don't think we could ever have been so close if we had not become pen pals.

Letter to my pen pal

Since then, I've begun writing letters to a couple other friends--one who lives a couple states away and one who lives here.  In every circumstance, it's drawn us closer together.  It's exciting to get a text saying "Celena, I mailed you a letter today!" and to eagerly wait for it. It's wonderful to sit down and thoughtfully write a letter, and to receive the same in return. 

So if you write a status update requesting a pen pal, or if you decide to just start writing letters to one of your good friends who happens to live in the same town, your life will be richer for it.  Promise!

Wednesday, August 12

Gwynnie Bee -- the Netflix of fashion for ANY SIZE! Free 30 day trial--No Catch!

I use and love Gwynnie Bee -- the Netflix of fashion! 
Free 30 day trial of 3 dresses or tops at once!  
No Catch

Gwynnie Bee is advertised as being for women sizes 10 and up.  But guess what? I'm a size 6 and I've found some styles I love!  If you're a size 6 or 8, I recommend you add anything from the Karen Kane or London Times in a Medium or 10 (they run very small).  I've "closeted" a dress I love from them and I really don't think I'm going to send it back.  With the 30 day trial, you do actually get about a 5 week trial.  If you cancel after 30 days, you still have a week to send back anything you still have--and they send you 3 items at once.  As soon as you send them back and your mail carrier scans the label, they rush you your next items!  It's super fast.  I've been a member for almost 2 months (I did cancel for awhile when they said "come back and we'll give you another free month!) and I haven't paid a dime. :)