Sunday, May 24

Rosegal Jewelry #Giveaway! Vintage Style Fashion, Amazing Prices

I recently stumbled across Rose Gal and found some very pretty fashions at amazing prices.  They sell not only vintage style fashions, but also swimwear, jewelry, summer dresses, tons of lace (I love lace!), sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, jeans, you name it. 

I purchased their Sweet V-Neck Lace Blouse for review--and it only costs $12!  This top is one-size and I usually wear a medium.  It fits me perfectly, though I do wear a white tank underneath for added coverage and a bit more length.  The sun was setting so the pics are a bit blurred but I like the effect!   

Some of my wishlist favorites:

One of my readers will receive a selection of jewelry from Rosegal!  Enter below by 6/1 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  Check out our other giveaways, too--we have a lot of goodies this week!   

  What's your favorite fashion item from Rose Gal?

Get your ring size here.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at RoseGal for providing me with this review opportunity!

Saturday, May 23

Newport Skinny Tea #Giveaway: Delicious, Energizing, and it Works!

I'm 36 and I have to admit, once 30 hit me, it really seemed like my metabolism suddenly slowed down! Suddenly, chasing around 4 kids was just not enough exercise to keep me fit and I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and get away with it.  Not that I eat a ton, I don't--but I do have a thing for sweets, I love carbs, and I was drinking a ton of soda to keep me energized all day (wrong way to stay energized--trust me!)  About 2 years ago, I did a diet plan for 3 months and it worked!  You couldn't drink soda with it, though, so I switched to tea.  The fact that both of my best friends drink a lot of tea definitely helped!   

Well, it turns out there is this amazing and delicious tea called Skinny Tea--it's actually the perfect combination of what you need to have energy throughout the day, curb your appetite just enough, and give you perfect rest at night.  Plus, it's delicious! Did I already say that?  I did... but it is!  It comes loose leaf--loose leaf tea always seems fresher to me and always tastes better but I really don't like those tea ball things--the tiniest pieces of tea somehow always get through and I don't like to drink it so I found these cheap little bags at Amazon.  They're perfect! 
And it does what it says it does--"Curbs Cravings, Stops Bloat, and Enhances Energy". The combination of a diet like Diet-to-Go and Skinny Tea more than works--I cannot recommend it highly enough If you want to look better than you ever have, or as good as you did in high school, it's so worth it!  I totally wish I could post a bathing suit pic of me--but my hubby wants those for his eyes only.  ;)

Feeling perfect because.. TEA! And also, a pretty dress.  ;)

One of my readers will receive 2 big huge bags of Newport Skinny Tea--one to drink during the day, one for the evening. Enter below by 6/1 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  Check out our other giveaways, too--we have a lot of goodies this week!   
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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Skinny Tea for providing me with this tea to review!

E.l.f. Cosmetics: My Play Anywhere Looks and Luxury Makeup Starting at .39!

Wearing makeup from e.l.f. cosmetics travel mini.
I have been having so much fun with my new e.l.f. cosmetics: Play Anywhere Kit!  The set included their Studio 22 Piece Mini On the Go Palette, Essential Professional Travel Brush Kit, and Studio Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Tan.  

I was especially surprised when I went to their website and saw that they really do have tons of fabulous makeup priced starting at not a $1, but at .39!!--their prices are amazing!  

This is the first time I've tried e.l.f.'s products and I love them!  The mascara and eye shadows are especially my favorites, but I really love their blushes, too. 
e.l.f. mineral lipstick in rosy tan, mini on the go palette, and professional travel brush kit
Wearing e.l.f. mascara, lip gloss, blush, and rose and brown eye shadows from their Play Anywhere Kit.

e.l.f. cosmeticsYou can get Free Shipping on Orders $25+ with code SHIP25 or Free standard shipping (a $4.95 value) on all orders $35+ after discount, no code required! 

Some of their best deals... 
Click the pic then head to the "sale" section!
Shimmer Eye Liner Pencil .39
Studio Eye Liner for $1.19
Essential Beauty School 3 Piece Jumbo Lip Stain Set for $5.00 
Studio HD Blush for $3.00 
Studio Baked Eyeshadow for $3.00 

Special thanks to the wonderful people at e.l.f. cosmetics for providing me with these samples for review!

Friday, May 22

Diet-to-Go REALLY Works! And a 25% off Promo Code!

I was pretty darn excited when I found out I was chosen to become a Diet-to-Go Ambassador!  Last year, I used another program (not naming any names) to achieve my "ideal" weight (119 pounds, according to the experts) and it worked!  However, while it totally worked I wanted to try the brand that has been voted as the most delicious diet program--they beat out Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, E-diets, and Biggest Loser.  I've gotten quite used to looking this good, but all that holiday eating didn't exactly do a lot for the good habits I established last year... a new year's diet seemed just the remedy to get me back into the spirit of the thing. 

Lose Weight While Enjoying the Food You Love!

I've had 4 kiddos, one pregnancy being twins--I know what it's like to gain a ton of extra weight.  And I know what it's like to lose it... and I do not under any conditions advocate yucky diets, or going without desserts, or working your butt off every day (though I do work out 3 times a week in the privacy of my bedroom to a variety of workout vids).  We want to live life, don't we?!  And delicious food is one of the most wonderful things in life.  Here is a sampling of one day's meals I've had this week with Diet-to-Go:

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt (my favorite!) and a Fruit Muffin (loved it!)

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich and Peaches

Dinner: Carrots, Broccoli, and White Macaroni Shells and Cheese

The Diet-to-Go program proclaims to have "restaurant quality meals for less than the cost of eating out" and it's actually true!  They have 3 different types of meals to choose from: Traditional (I chose this one), Vegetarian, or Low Carb.  You subscribe, they teach you to form wonderful, healthy eating habits, you change your lifestyle, you get a ton of delicious food delivered right to your doorstep, and after 3 months, you should be set.  It's definitely a worthwhile investment! 

Maintaining the weight I lost last year--and I've had 4 babies!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Diet-to-Go for giving me this review opportunity!  All opinions are completely my own.

Thursday, May 21

Paper Punk Kids #Giveaway: Awesome way to alleviate summer boredom!

If you fold it, they will build! That was the mantra of Paper Punk’s founder Grace Hawthorne as she melded an innovative building toy made of paper into a business providing beautiful open play. This month she promotes nine Paper Punk kits that require a few simple folds to create stunning 3D artWe did this as part of a Geometry class (yes, our homeschool is cool like that).  My kiddos turned their Urban Fold Set and their Pup into a city for our new hamster, Teddy!  Check it out--he loved it!  And isn't he cute?!

Each Paper Punk kit is customizable, collectible and naturally recyclable!  Everything needed to transform 2D paper into a stand-up 3D work of art (in the shape of a gorilla, snake, kitty, pup, robot or unicorn) is in the box. Better yet, there is no need for scissors or glue, hence no mess to clean up! Parents have taken to social media to gush about their smart purchase!

Kitty, Sweet, and Horn

Look for these nine kits online at, and in specialty stores nationwide. Each kit comes with loads of decorative stickers, adhesive dots and a cool poster that lists easy-to-follow instructions.  All kits are ideal for ages 6 and up.  My kiddos are 7, 9, and 11 and they all had a blast!

Ride, Pup, Bot, and Fang

Giveaway One of my readers will win any one of the products pictured in this post, winner’s choice. Enter below by 5/30 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  Check out our other giveaways, too--we have a lot of goodies this week!   

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Special thanks to KidStuffPR and Paper Punk for providing us with these products to review and give away!

Ninjabread Cookies, Ginger Truffles, and a Dessert Giveaway!

Gingerbread isn't only for Christmastime!  

Krusteaz sent me two boxes of their Gingerbread Cookie mix and one of my readers will win the same!  I used a different recipe with each batch.  First up, Ninjabread Cookies!  Aren't these the coolest cookies ever?  I followed the cookie directions on the box, used these cookie cutters I purchased from Amazon, and used this recipe for Royal Icing (most delicious and easy icing in the world!) and I love how they turned out!  And they were sooo delicious.  

Their Gingerbread Cookie Mix combines the flavors of molasses, sweet cinnamon and ginger. There are directions on the back for either hard cookies (like the ones we made) or soft, chewy ones... which I'll try next time!

Next up, Ginger Truffles.  Oh. My. Goodness.  These were amazing!  I simply mixed the dough just as I would for the cookies but left out the egg, then refrigerated it for 20 minutes, took it out and rolled it into balls, froze again for 20 more minutes, and dipped in melted chocolate chips.  So divine!  I gifted half of them to one of my best friends and she raved about them.  

Krusteaz has a ton of other baking mixes, too--Pancake Mixes, Muffin and Crumb Cake Mixes, other Cookie Mixes, Cornbread Mixes, Dessert Bar Mixes, Bread Mixes, Pie Crust Mix, Flatbread Mixes, Gluten Free Mixes and many more!

One of my readers will receive 2 boxes of Gingerbread Cookie Mix from Krusteaz. Enter below by 5/30 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  Check out our other giveaways, too--we have a lot of goodies this week!    
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Special thanks to Krusteaz for this review and giveaway opportunity!  

Modarri Customizeable Race Cars! #BoyToys

 Modarri's customizeable cars are so amazing and my son loves them!  He's almost 8 years old and he is a master builder at redesigning  his Modarri cars, tightening the screws on them, and racing them!  Each car comes with a chassis, hood/windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, hex tool, four wheels, front and rear suspensions and a hex tool for taking them all apart and putting them back together or mixing them up. My son loves to build, break, and put together new creations with his toys which is why these cars are so perfect for him!

In this post, my little guy is playing with the Modarri Street Car, Dirt Car, and Track Car along with the DIY model (which allows you to make completely custom vehicles with their own paint jobs) and the three-pack of the Street, Dirt, and Track cars (all colored differently than the single versions of those cars).  You can get these would make the perfect birthday gift!  The cars are officially for kids 8 years and up, although we bet many adults will find themselves fiddling with these beauties!

The Street Car

You Can Find Modarri on Amazon!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuff PR and Thoughtful Toys for providing us with this review opportunity!

Wednesday, May 20

Calling All My Blogger Friends! Get Paid Big Bucks to Post

I recently discovered Izea, a free website for bloggers and brands.  You can get paid big bucks to post and tweet so I want to share with all of you!  Just click the pic to sign up and let me know if you do. :)

Friday, May 15

Don't Forget to Enter Felt Noir's May Birthstone Giveaway!

Headsup to all of my readers with May birthdays--just 2 more weeks left to enter to win this month's birthstone giveaway!  There are 5 winners.  Just email with MAY GIVEAWAY in the subject line along with your birthday.  Lmk if you win!

I am so in love with my new heart pendant from Felt Noir.  The heart is black agate with white topaz.  The chain is sterling silver and, I wish you could see it in real life, the chain has more glitter and shimmer to it than any of my other sterling silver necklaces.  It's gorgeous!  The heart is flattened in the back so it lays gently on your chest, and it's the perfect size.  Very classy. 

Felt Noir is a digital boutique with so much beautiful jewelry!  That's why they have the honor of being #1 on our Gift Guide for Moms.  They've got a money back guarantee, free shipping on orders $75 and up, and buying from them is safe & secure. 

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Felt Noir for this review opportunity!

Thursday, May 14

My New Super Cute Jean Skirt a la #KosherCasual!

My favorite new item hanging in the closet is my new jean skirt from Kosher Casual.  It's comfortable, goes with boots or flip flops, and can be paired with a sweater or tank top.  I love it!  It's not only modest like everything else from their store, but it is so incredibly comfortable!  Because their women's skirts are longer than their girls' (too long for this short girl!), I opted for a size 16 in the Denim Knee Length Skirt.  I chose navy, though it comes in traditional blue denim, too. It's got a soft, elastic waist and the entire skirt has a lot of stretch.  I can't tell you how much I love this skirt!  And I absolutely love that theirs is a store dedicated to modesty.  Modesty is beautiful and does not have to look frumpy, by any means!  

Kosher Casual also makes fashion basics for school, work, dress, play, working out, and life. Skirts, ¾ sleeve tops, layering shells, and modest accessories can all be found at their store.  The prices are great for the kind of high quality they are--my skirt costs $23 and I would definitely pay that for it!

They are currently running their bi-monthly sweepstakes for a Kosher Casual $50 Gift Certificate. The next drawing will be on May 31st. Here is a link to enter:  I'll be so happy if one of you win!  Come back and tell me here if you do!

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Kosher Casual for providing me with this review opportunity!