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Wednesday, May 24

Keep You AND Your Kids Fitwith a FREE 2 Week Trial of Grokker--1000s of Fitness and Yoga Videos!

For about the last 3 years, I've been using fitness videos to stay in shape. I love the convenience of them... but I didn't like spending too much on new DVDs. Then I found Grokker! They have literally thousands of videos and their free trial is awesome!

I was excited to find out about Grokker's free trial b/c they have literally 1000s of fitness videos!  I'm not sure if I'll keep using it after my free trial is up but we shall see! And now they've started adding workouts for kids--which is awesome for homeschoolers!

When you log-in to your account, Grokker shows your "next scheduled video" to keep you on track and to inspire you to remember to work out.  However, I really don't like having a schedule--I like to do my workouts whenever I have a bit of free time.  You can, of course, simply push play on any video you choose at any time.  ;)  That's what I do.

Browsing "Fitness", it came up with 947 workout videos!  There are also hundreds in the Yoga category and so many cooking videos!

I like Grokker b/c they make it easy to stay in shape - anytime, anywhere - for my whole family!  Plus, their site is super user friendly, simple to navigate, and has so much variety! Let me know if you decide to check out the free trial!

Monday, May 22

Lucy's Nutro Adventure: Final Thoughts and Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at for this review and giveaway opportunity. All opinions are honest and my own. 
Over a month later, and I am so so so glad we took the opportunity to try Nutro Ultra! The other day, we had a party. Numerous people remarked on what a happy dog Lucy is and how soft she is. Once they pet her, they were amazed! So many comments of, "She's so soft!" "She's so cute!" Of course, she was always cute and soft... but not quite this soft. This food is definitely doing great things for her coat! And she is as happy and healthy as ever. Her energy level is wonderful and I would recommend this food by far!

And Lucy still thinks the Nutro dry food is delicious which is amazing! I have never seen her have such a great appetite for a dry food and we have tried some very good brands. Nutro gets the gold star!

And now for our winner announcement. The winner is Wendy B. and her sweet little Boston Terrier! Congrats to both of you! The rest of you can purchase Nutro at and stay tuned, readers--more great giveaways coming the first week in June!

This Month's Beauty Box: Amazing Value and the Highest Quality Yet! #Discount #pamperyourselflikeaprincess


Beauty boxes are my very favorite types of subscription boxes! The best thing about Imperial Glamour is that every month is a different theme. This month's was eyes and cheeks... and I was thrilled to see the products came in a cute, nice-sized makeup bag. I can always use another makeup bag!

These brushes, ladies, are heavenly! They're from Honeybee Gardens, a company that specializes in natural cosmetics. The brushes are so soft. You just want to keep pampering your face with them even when there's no makeup on them. I was so excited to see these because my old brushes were getting, well... old. I was thrilled to see them in this month's IG Beauty Box so that I didn't have to splurge on some good brushes! If you need brushes, too, you can still get in on this box and get them at a discount (pic and links at the bottom of this post).

Opale Essence Vegan Spring Colored Mineral Eyeshadow in a variety of shades. I received a green and a blue. These are incredible! A little goes a long way and they add the perfect amount of shimmer--not too much, not too little.
The Organic Mineral Blush from Mother Earth Beauty Bar is my perfect shade! Like the eye shadow, it gives your cheeks the perfect amount of shimmer and color. It goes on nice and evenly and is natural, like the products in the IG Beauty Boxes always are. Love!

Every month, the Imperial Glamour box comes with a specific rundown on the cost of each item plus the total value of the box. I also love that they include the specific name and size of everything in case I'd like to purchase it again later, either from their shop or from the companies themselves. The box shown here is the Deluxe Box (which costs $25/month with free shipping) so you can see that the value is more than double the cost of the box! This box was  such great quality that I can't wait to see what's next!
Imperial Glamour boxes come in 2 different sizes--Deluxe (shown here) and Mini. Buy a Deluxe box and get a second 20% off. Use code: 20OFFDELUXE! Let me know what you decide to get!

Sunday, May 21

Winners Announced!

Nutro Pet Food
Wendy Browne

Candlemart Gift Card
Christine L.

Almondina Cookies
 Amy L.

Balmshot Lip Balm

Everyone else, stay tuned! There will be more great giveaways coming the first week of June in our Summer Event!

Wednesday, May 17

SunBasket Organic Food Delivery: $30 off Discount!

 I feel like a chef and I do believe my husband loves me more than he already did! For the last 3 days, we've been eating meals by SunBasket--healthy cooking made easy with fresh seasonal, organic ingredients sourced from farms on the West Coast & delicious recipes delivered weekly. My absolute favorite thing about SunBasket is that I try things I never would have tried otherwise.  I'm a girl who grew up eating no other veggies than green beans and corn so I was wary of cooked cauliflower but I actually really liked it--the chef who designs these recipes is amazing! 

My first SunBasket was free but I've already ordered another!  Above are the recipes I'll be cooking next time.  Sunbasket says each meal is enough for 2 people but the portion sizes are very, very generous.  For our family, the meals amounted to 3 filling servingsFor 2 of the meals I did, I actually added an additional side item and fed my entire family of 6, though my children do eat small portion sizes.  I was surprised at the amount of food included! And the quality, all organic sourced from CA, has been wonderful. You can purchase a larger plan if your family is bigger eaters than mine. ;)

Each meal comes packaged in a paper bag. Ingredients are pre-measured and so incredibly fresh!  I was very impressed.  With your first SunBasket purchase (remember you get $30 off and they have a moneyback guarantee!), you'll receive 3 times this amount of food--one batch of recipe ingredients in each of 3 bags.  The box you receive is huge and is very well packaged--Nothing was broken or bruised.  The first recipe I tried was Rigatoni with Parsley Pesto and White Beans, a vegan meal. I'm not at all a vegan kind of girl, but... was so, so, so delicious!  The pesto was the best I've ever tasted and the arugula added the perfect fresh flavor and nice crunch. It was like eating Summertime in a bowl.  As the pesto came pre-made and as I really want to be able to make this dish again for friends, I asked SunBasket for the recipe and they obliged. I can't wait to make it again! Next time, instead of the beans, I'll add oven-baked chicken.

Tuesday, May 16

Stock Up On Star-Spangled Supplies at the Dollar Tree!

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

It's already almost Memorial Day and the Dollar Tree has so much cute stuff! Every time I drop by, I am thrilled to find a such a great variety of holiday inspired goodies no matter the season. I get so much fun stuff and spend so little!
They even have picnic and cookout supplies, only $1.00 each, for your Memorial Day or 4th of July parties. I especially love having picnics! What are your Dollar Tree picnic and cookout go-tos?
And these would be so fun for the kids! Light up your party at night with Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories such as wands, bracelets, flags, and more, just $1 each!

Did you know you can shop The Dollar Tree on-line? Just click the banner above to shop or click on any link in this post. So head on over and shop patriotic party supplies at! Let me know if you find anything exciting, and I'd love to see pictures!

Tuesday, May 9

US Cellular is giving up to $1000 to K-12 Groups (including homeschools)!

Pear is a new organization that's free to use which works with different companies to provide donation funds for school groups (including private schools, homeschools, and public schools), teams, and nonprofits!  With their current campaign, you can earn up to $1,000 in cash or custom apparel for your group by getting sponsored by US Cellular. Getting started is simple and free! 

To start, create a group page by uploading a photo. Then, invite friends and family to support your team! Pear's platform makes rallying your supporters a breeze. Your group has ten days to complete short online tasks, such as liking US Cellular’s Facebook page. The more people who engage, the more money your team is awarded – it’s that easy. At the end of your sponsorship, simply claim your award and begin your custom order. This program is only available for a limited time, so get sponsored on Pear today!
 Could your kiddos' or students' group use something like this? Let me know if you decided to try Pear and how your campaign goes!