The Traveling Sisterhood: September 2013

Tuesday, September 3

The Funnest Way to Spell with Sequential Spelling!

Yesterday when the kiddos realized what we'd be doing for spelling, they actually clapped their hands and cheered!  We've tried a few different spelling curriculums but Sequential Spelling is our favorite.  I love that I can adapt it to use with all of my children and, to them, it seems easy because the words build off of each other.  The spelling words are related, they're corrected immediately so that the children can learn the correct way to spell and practice them, and children learn words that would seem hard to them at first glance quickly and easily.  

And so yesterday we added another dimension to our Sequential Spelling lesson.  I covered the table in paper and they wrote their new spelling words there.  They illustrated and rewrote the words and had a blast!  

I really like Sequential Spelling because it's so simple and can be used for any-aged child from 1st grade and up.  My first grader learns the simpler words, and my 3rd graders are speeding through all of the words, learning them quickly in a way they'll be able to remember for the rest of their lives.  This actually makes sense and that's why I like it.  There are 7 levels but they aren't exactly correlated to grade level. Most students should do them in order but there is a simple placement test they can take.  You can also view the first 4 lessons of each level here.

The Sequential Spelling Bundle (teacher's guide and student workbook) are available at Timberdoodle for just $20.  Plus you earn Doddle Dollar credit towards more products with every purchase.  I love that!  They're my favorite homeschool store, but if you've been following my blog very long, you probably already know that. ;)

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Timberdoodle for providing me with this review opportunity!