The Traveling Sisterhood: Modarri Customizeable Race Cars! #BoyToys

Thursday, May 21

Modarri Customizeable Race Cars! #BoyToys

 Modarri's customizeable cars are so amazing and my son loves them!  He's almost 8 years old and he is a master builder at redesigning  his Modarri cars, tightening the screws on them, and racing them!  Each car comes with a chassis, hood/windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, hex tool, four wheels, front and rear suspensions and a hex tool for taking them all apart and putting them back together or mixing them up. My son loves to build, break, and put together new creations with his toys which is why these cars are so perfect for him!

In this post, my little guy is playing with the Modarri Street Car, Dirt Car, and Track Car along with the DIY model (which allows you to make completely custom vehicles with their own paint jobs) and the three-pack of the Street, Dirt, and Track cars (all colored differently than the single versions of those cars).  You can get these would make the perfect birthday gift!  The cars are officially for kids 8 years and up, although we bet many adults will find themselves fiddling with these beauties!

The Street Car

You Can Find Modarri on Amazon!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuff PR and Thoughtful Toys for providing us with this review opportunity!


  1. these are pretty neat ty ffor sharing this with us

  2. These look really cool. I like that they are customizeable.

  3. Tamalyn L.11:59 PM

    Those are pretty neat - thanks for sharing!

  4. Not just boy's toys, my daughter would love these! (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)