The Traveling Sisterhood: Hatchery March Box Review! Get your first Tasting Box for $10... it's usually $25!

Saturday, March 19

Hatchery March Box Review! Get your first Tasting Box for $10... it's usually $25!

I love to try new things, and I especially love to cook.  Growing up, my dad was the chef in the family while my mom was the one who'd make us TV dinners or mac n cheese out of the box.  I didn't learn a lot about cooking until very recently.  I'm ashamed to say, I didn't know how to boil water until I was 19 and on my own!  I really love companies like Hatchery b/c they give me fun, unique ingredients to base new recipes around.

The Tasting Box is wrapped beautifully and carefully.  I love the charming presentation!
Each Hatchery Tasting Box comes with 5 artisan items, and enough to create 1 or 2 recipes with each.  I used the Ginger Cocktail Blend (bottom right) to make a ginger yogurt smoothie and it was delicious!  I plan to use the Nomad Spice Blend when we grill steaks later this week, and we'll use Balsamo's red wine Salad Dressing with that same meal.  The Red Pepper Jam is the only item I can't see myself using--my family doesn't like spicy food. The Chai Spice Dulce caramel is my favorite item in the box! It would be wonderful on ice cream, in coffee, or like you see it below--in cookies!

Chai Spice Shortbread Cookies. I'll be making them next week with the Soft Peaks Confections Chai Spice Dulce which was included in my Tasting Box. Of course, I had to try a bit first by dipping my finger in. It was soooo delicious, I can't wait to taste these cookies!

 Use the code TTS10 when checking out to get your first Tasting Box for $10 which is an awesome deal--they're usually $25!  So jump right on that and let me know what recipes you try. I'd love to try them, too! 


  1. I love trying new foods. These all look great. Want the caramel!

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I'm so glad I follow your blog! I would never know about these awesome things!

  3. I think the red pepper jam would be great over cream cheese & spread on crackers.

  4. How very wonderful, I too love trying new things in the kitchen.