The Traveling Sisterhood: The Best Paying Affiliate Programs to Join... How to Make Money Blogging!

Tuesday, March 8

The Best Paying Affiliate Programs to Join... How to Make Money Blogging!

 NEW: For a list of 62 companies which will send you free products and provide commissions, read the blog post here!

A few weeks ago, I posted on getting started with your own product review blog. I thought another helpful post would be one featuring what I've found to be the highest paying affiliate programs. I officially monetized my blog around last March (which means I added affiliate links and started making money with it).  Getting started took awhile but now I make from $300-$2,000 a month depending on whether I put little or more effort into blogging.  Now that I know what I'm doing, it doesn't take very much more effort at all.  One of my posts went viral back in October and I'm still making money on it!  That was through Educents.  Which brings me to the links of my favorite affiliate programs.  With the exception of the first three, they are all through ShareASale so you'll have to set up a log-in and password for them. After that, it's super fast to apply for any of the other ones.  Maybe it should go without saying, but all of these are free to join! I would never, never refer you to an affiliate program that charges you money. 

Here are my favorites.  
Many of these will pay you right away just for placing a banner on your site, have great bonuses, and offer high commissions, and provide free items to affiliates.

I've made thousands of dollars with Educents.  Thanks to their affiliate program, we were able to pay off debt and move into our dream house!  They are super nice to work with and I adore them. Tell them Celena sent you.

SocialFabric pays you between $125-$200 for one blog post!  They are very selective so if you don't get approved right away, try again when you have a bit more experience. A few things they look for are whether you're consistently blogging, have nice, big, colorful photos, and have a good following.

They pay $125 per post plus provide you with animal items to blog about. I love them! They are super nice and easy to work with.

Cooper and Kid
Awesome subscription box company!  Large commission with so many bonuses!  Super nice to work with, plus they'll give you a free box when you ask. 

Awesome bonuses and very high commission. 

A super fun company with nice bonuses and free month's service for affiliates when you ask.

They'll pay you to post their banner right away and have a great commission!

 They have great bonuses and will start you off with a free book.

They have great bonuses and start you off with a free sample of a variety of their teas. 

High commission and they'll send you a free sample box.

High commission and they'll pay you to place their banner on your site.

They'll also pay you to place a banner and have nice commissions.

Will send you a high value sample box and are super nice to work with! Plus a high commission.

Will send you free books and are so nice with good bonuses.

Will send bloggers free samples and are very nice to work with, offering gorgeous banners and delicious products! 

Great bonuses and incentives. 

More nice bonuses!

Bramble Box Props
Offers affiliates a free month's box and nice commissions.

Lil  Passports
Another fun subscription box company that will provide you with free boxes. 

A huge commission of $20 per sale and will provide affiliates with a free box of hair color. This stuff is amazing! 

One of the best puppy subscription boxes and will provide affiliates with a free box when you request one. 

Homegrown Collective
An amazing subscription box company which will provide affiliates with a free month and beautiful banners. 

Free trial for affiliates and an awesome company! Easy to make money with them as they pay you simply when someone signs up for a free trial.

A Few More I Like from ShareASale due to their bonuses and promos:

New: Brika Gifts
Mejuri Jewelry
Kiwibop Postcard Pals
One Kings Lane 
Rare Posters
100% Pure
Music Box Attic
Tuft & Needle
Henkaa Fashion
MeMoi Fashion
Fashion Mia
Le Tote
Cents of Style
Red Bubble
For more on ShareASale and the top money making companies you'll find there, check out this other blog post I wrote on the topic. 

Tip: I recommend that you send a short e-mail to any SAS company that approves you asking for product to review.  For samples of e-mails to send to these companies, check out my post "How to Start Your Own Product Review Blog".



  1. very great post thanks for sharing

  2. Great list! We work with many of these affiliates and love a few to pieces - thanks for confirming!

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    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The only one I really was interested and could work with my blog, is only for US, UK & Canada residents :(

    1. That stinks! :( I recommend you join ShareASale--they have about 2,000 companies so you can easily search for some in your country. Lmk if that works out!

  5. thank you for the list

  6. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing. Also, I just wanted to say that I think your blog is sooo pretty!

  7. What kind of traffic does a blog need for these type of programs to approve you? I'd hate to spend an afternoon filling them all out, only to find I don't qualify for any of them.

    1. Most of them are through ShareASale so once you sign up with them, it's pretty much just a couple of clicks for each one. Educents approved me when I was a tiny little blog, as did EastsieBox. Their forms are super short to fill out. SocialFabric is the only one that I knew is pretty picky about numbers and has quite a long form to fill out. I hope that helps!

  8. How do you go about asking for sample boxes once you're approved to work with affiliates?

    1. Just send them an e-mail asking if they provide complimentary samples to their affiliates. You can also check out my other post on blogging. It's more detailed with examples e-mail requests. :)

  9. Thank you for sharing! THis is wonderful!

  10. This is awesome Celena! I've been writing for an SEO company and it really suits my position as a stay at home mom, but I have no control over the topics I write about. Right now I'm ignoring an assignment about ranch land auctions. I've been contemplating blogging instead but felt worried I wouldn't be able to make the same amount of money (from the sound of it, it's comparable).

  11. Don't forget Amazon! Super easy to sign up and everyone loves shopping there. The commission rate increases the more sales you have.

  12. I signed up for each of them. And I was already with Educents.
    And I do share all of the items I can from them and also
    ShopHer! Media and I still haven't made anything but I refuse
    to give up. As the past couple months I finally made a little
    bit from Sponsored Post. So I will just keep trudging along
    and trying to grow.

  13. Thank you for sharing Celena. I just submitted my application for Social Fabric (said you referred me just in case you get referral bonuses). Fingers crossed!


  14. Thank you so much for this! This is great for those of us just starting out!


  15. this is an awesome list! thanks a ton for sharing!!

  16. Thanks for sharing this amazing list and helpful tips! I'm new to the blogging world and I've been reading a lot of your posts on how to get started. I look forward to putting your advice to use. :)

  17. Wow, what a great list! I've been an affiliate with Educents for over a year now and haven't made a penny. :( I must be doing something wrong - time to start reworking some things!

  18. Love this list and your related posts!! Just read through them all and signed up for ShareASale! I'm going to see if I get approved and then begin reaching out to companies - is this a good place to start for someone starting out in trying to make money for their blog? Would love to stay connected and pick your brain. Thanks for the great content! :)

    1. It definitely is! My first affiliate company was Educents, so I definitely recommend them to new bloggers, as well.

  19. Great post I did apply for a few thanks for sharing

  20. Wow I really should apply for some of these. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I currently use would I have to switch to WordPress.Org to do this?

    1. Nope, you can use affiliate links with :) Here's the info on that:

  22. Thanks for sharing this amazing information. I am going to have my website up and running in June 2016 and I am definitely going to add some of these.

  23. Hi! I loved this post. I would like start blogging on Blowpaws. I will be getting a Labradoodle next week. I just applied to become a member. Once approved, how do you become one of their paid bloggers? Any info on your shared experience would be appreciated.

  24. Such great tips! I definitely need to be better about utilizing shareasale,etc.
    xx, Lauren {}