The Traveling Sisterhood: The Most Delicious Bowl of Oatmeal I've Ever Had! #BakeryOnMain

Sunday, May 15

The Most Delicious Bowl of Oatmeal I've Ever Had! #BakeryOnMain

Lately, my hubby and I have been making healthy changes to our diets.  No more high fructose corn syrup, less added sugars. My new favorite breakfast is oatmeal with fruit... and I've tried quite a few varieties.  I was eating Quaker, but then was sent Bakery on Main's Happy Quick Oats to try and I never would've thought one oatmeal could be so much better than another!

Baker on Main's Oats absorb the water very quickly and perfectly.  Maybe that's because their oats are much smaller than the other brands? I'm not sure, but they make for the most delicious breakfast!  With blueberries and strawberries, along with a fresh cup of iced tea, I'm in heaven!  And it's healthy!
I was thrilled to find Bakery on Main's Quick Oats in the natural food aisle of Fry's over the weekend.  Though the store doesn't show up on their locator along with Sprouts and other natural food stores, it seems Kroger stores will now be carrying them.  I live out of the city, about a 45 minute drive from a dedicated natural foods store, so I was super excited to find Baker on Main at Fry's! They also have granola bars and other items I haven't tried yet, but definitely will. For now, the Happy Quick Oats are one item that's a must to always have in my pantry!

Next time you're in a natural foods store or Kroger store, look for them and make yourself an amazing bowl of oatmeal!  If you're out of fruit, try honey. It's amazing, too! Or my hubby loves it with brown sugar and natural maple syrup. Let me know what you decide to try!


  1. I love Kroger and they're just down the street, and oatmeal is amazing! Thank you!!

    1. You're welcome! It's quite a bit more expensive than Quaker but it is SO DELICIOUS! I actually buy it and that's saying something. ;)