The Traveling Sisterhood: Japan Fun Box: Get Fun and Crazy Japanese Candy Delivered Monthly!

Sunday, August 21

Japan Fun Box: Get Fun and Crazy Japanese Candy Delivered Monthly!

This week, we learned about Asia.  I planned this knowing that we'd be receiving a Japan Funbox in the mail any day.  What's that, you ask? It's a Japanese Candy & Snack Box!
The Japan Funbox is a monthly subscription service stuffed full of Japanese snacks and there is always free shipping worldwide!  We were excited to open it and snack on the contents during a movie about Asia.

Six bags of snacks and candy were included in our box.  The kiddos were especially excited to see the pink candy whistles! They love those!  Our other favorite treats were the chocolate bar and the Tomato Pretz, similar to pizza-flavored pocky sticks. All in all, it was a super fun taste experience with a theme that was the perfect compliment to learning about Asia!

As you can see, the box really was packed full, especially considering this was the "Mini" version of the box. You can get Mini (5-7 items), Original (15-20 items), or Family (25-30 items)!

Use the code rev10pa to get 10% off any JapanFunBox plan!

Special thanks to Japan Funbox for this review opportunity!  All opinions are honest and our own.


  1. Tamalyn L.2:24 PM

    This looks neat - have never heard of it! Thanks for all the giveaways this week - what fun!

  2. I love the Japanese culture! Thanks for sharing!