The Traveling Sisterhood: April 2017

Sunday, April 23

How to Get the Most Gorgeous Hair in the Universe... with a Ouidad Giveaway!

My hair has a natural wave but it is very prone to frizziness... and when there's humidity involved, I've got no hope but to throw it in a ponytail and tell myself "Well, Celena, at least you still have pretty eyes." Enter Ouidad's new Climate Control line! I was amazed, you guys! It took me literally 5 minutes for gorgeous hair. If you follow my tips, I guarantee your hair will be prettier, too, whether you have straight hair or curly, or somewhere in between.
My #1 Tip: Use quality products. The first thing you need to do is add your choice of Ouidad product(s) to your Amazon wishlist in case you don't win the giveaway. If you buy just one product, let it be the Heat & Humidity Gel. If you can afford 2 at the moment, the conditioner is also amazing and one of my favorites out there. The gel, though, is one product that is going to be always in my cabinet from now on! It does seem a bit expensive at first glance, but a little goes a long way. I'll be purchasing the largest bottle for the biggest bang for the buck.

My #2 tip--take your shower right before bed. Scrunch the gel into your hair from roots to ends. Pile it onto your pillow as you sleep so that it will slowly dry. If you have wavy or curly hair, or any type of frizz prone hair, never towel dry your hair! That causes more frizz. And I never blowdry, either, because that causes more damage to your hair. Air drying is the best for lovely locks.

My #3 Tip: In the morning when you're getting ready, you might want to add a little more gel and scrunch again. Then, you'll be amazed at how gorgeous it looks. Ouidad has a lot of other products you can also check out at their newly revamped website. I'd love to see pics so come back and post them if you try it!
One winner will receive every item in the Ouidad Climate Control line! Enter below by 4/30 at 11 pm anyone's time.

I really love wearing my hair long.
What's your favorite way to style your hair?
Special thanks for the wonderful people at Ouidad for this review and giveaway opportunity. 
All opinions are honest and my own.

Friday, April 21

The Most Incredible Hair Products Giveaway Coming Soon! Comment Early for 3 Bonus Entries!

Ladies, the new Ouidad Climate Control line is absolutely incredible! The products launched earlier this month and the company is celebrating with a giveaway for my lovely readers. These are by far the most amazing hair products I've ever tried... and I have tried so many. I can't wait until April 23rd when I show you how gorgeous these make even the most unruly of hair! So what kind of hair do you have? What's your biggest hair concern? Why would you like to try Ouidad? Comment below and I'll give you 3 bonus entries to the official giveaway coming on Sunday!

Wednesday, April 19

Meet Julia, the Most Beautiful Petalina Doll

My daughters are absolutely in love with their new doll, Julia!  She's a beauty begun in China, completed in Germany by a doll artist, sent off to England, and now she is our American sweetheart.  My girls all love her and it is amazing how well they share her.  They take turns with her, pretending she is their baby sister. 

We received Julia from an on-line store called Petalina, owned by the super-nice Cate who was inspired by her own daughters to seek the world for the most beautiful, high-quality dolls.  Petalina is based in England but they have  inexpensive shipping rates to the US and Canada, too.  They have a wide selection of European children's dolls for all ages so that little girls can grow up with dolls that are perfectly designed for their age.
Julia goes with us everywhere--to the park, the grocery store, and anywhere else my daughters and I find ourselves.  

Julia is part of a doll line called Kidz 'n' Katz.  Each doll comes with a kitten and has one embroidered on her top.  I knew my daughters would especially love that--they are so fond of cats!  Julia, the cat lover, fits right in to our family.

Julia was sculpted by Sonja Hartmann. She has brown fixed acrylic eyes with long top lashes, a carefully painted mouth with slightly parted lips, hair in light blonde with a side parting tied with a pink bow. Julia has 11 joints in total with them also in her knees, wrists and elbows. The joints mean that she can be posed and looks quite realistic. Julia is wearing a turquoise tank top with a matching cardigan which has coordinating trim and ruffles. Her black chambray skirt also has ruffles around the hem and bows on the pockets. She wears light pink leggings and matching undies, and on her feet she wears a pair of slip on turquoise shoes. She is the most beautiful doll we've ever seen in real life!  My daughters love her little grey plush cat, too, complete with a pink ballet tutu. 

You Can Also Find Petalina On

You can find so many more gorgeous dolls at Petalina!
Which one is your favorite?
Special thanks to the wonderful Cate at Petalina for providing us with this beautiful doll to review!

Tuesday, April 18

Epic! 2 Months Free of Unlimited E-books and Audiobooks for Kids 12 and Under!

spring special
Epic! has been called the “Netflix of kids' books” – it's an unlimited library that kids can take anywhere! Well-known books and series include Fancy Nancy, Flat Stanley, Warriors, Rainbow Magic Fairies, The Chronicles of Narnia, Ramona, Batman, Goosebumps, Clifford, A Series of Unfortunate Events, National Geographic Kids, Goodnight Moon, The Berenstain Bears, Big Nate, 15,000 high-quality children's books, and thousands of read-to-me and Audio books. 

spring special
Click the pic to go directly to the site and get 2 months free!

Monday, April 10

Modarri Wins Best Toy in The Traveling Sisterhood's Kids' Choice Award!

My son absolutely loves his Modarri cars! This is one toy that never ceases to be exciting. I just ordered him a new car body pack and he is going to be thrilled to receive it in the mail. Here, our Lego Friends are going on an adventure with their new Camo Car and Beach Cruzer.  My daughter was so excited for the chance to build her own Modarri car!  It's a beauty.  And the Camo Car is super cool, too.  The camouflage is really working for this guy!
She's ready for adventure!

And so is he!
They're going on an off road adventure to find the perfect camping spot!

They made it and even set up their campfire just as dusk was setting in!

The Camo Car and Beach Cruzer come in a set, or you can get them separately.  There are also tons of other Modarri carsI think my son has the entire collection now and he's always eager for the newest vehicles! To be honest, his sisters think they're super cool, too!

Modarri Cars are so awesome because kids build them themselves and you can mix and match their parts down to the smallest details.  Plus they're very high quality and there are cars to appeal to both boys and girls. My kids have been playing with their oldest Modarri cars for about 2 years consistently and never has a piece broken!

Friday, April 7

Free Shipping and 30% off Zone Cleaning for Kids!

One day last year, we decided to take a week off school and teach the kids how to properly clean. Not that our house is exactly a mess or anything... but as a homeschooling mom, cleaning does get pushed to the side more often than I'd like to admit. Around the same time, I noticed the Zone Cleaning Program on Educents. When I also noticed it's made by the same people who make Times Tales, I was definitely sold! Now a year later, the kids still love using Zone Cleaning and even ask to use it when doing their chores. I love it! 

After Zone Cleaning came in the mail, I chose a day for our Cleaning Extravaganza.  It could not have gone more perfectly!  My kids have had chores since they could talk, pretty much, but Zone Cleaning has taught them how to be more thorough, to actually clean in a way that doesn't need to be re-cleaned by me, and it is just a godsend! 

I cannot imagine a more well spent $14! I am not even kidding--my house looks stellar and my kids have that feeling of accomplishment, knowing they've worked hard and done an amazing job.  I've tried chore charts and reward systems but this is by far the easiest and the most all-encompassing.

 The booklet includes a simple visual representation of each step to a clean room. I like that they can check off what needs to be done as it is done - it keeps them from forgetting anything and gives them a sense of accomplishment each time they check something off.  (I'm not kidding--even my older kids count off those checks and brag about them!)

The rooms included are bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. There are spaces for you to write additional items which is helpful for me, as well. I like that it assigns a day each week to extra jobs like dusting or wiping chairs and cabinets. That way nothing gets out of control, one chore at a time.
As a busy mom, this is just what I needed!  Cleaning is less of a burden now, and it's a blessing to be able to look around at a clean home and to relax without feeling like something more needs to be done. 

 Who's it for?
Zone Cleaning is for any parents who want their kids to do their chores with a happy heart.... the right way!  My kiddos are 8-11, ages I think are ideal for this program, but it could definitely be used with kids as young as 6 through the teen years. 

How Much is it and What Do You Get?
 The cost is $14.50 with free shipping with the coupon codes below and you get:
  • A fully-laminated flip chart, allowing for all sections to be checked with a dry-erase marker and/or customized by Mom or Dad with a wet-erase marker.
  • Instructional DVD that walks children through the process, demonstrating the correct way to complete each task. The DVD also gives parents tips on how to best utilize the program.
  • Dry-erase marker.
  • Basket labels used for cleaning the bedroom.
  • Kid-friendly Cleaning Solutions E-Book filled with frugal, non-toxic cleansers you can make yourself.
Since the kit only comes with one chart and I didn't want to spend the money on one for each child, I cut them apart by room and reattached with key rings. Voila! Each child chooses a room to thoroughly clean (or Mama chooses for them if they're being indecisive or arguing) and it works perfectly!

Fun with March's Imperial Glamour Beauty Box! #pamperyourselflikeaprincess #discount

Can you see how much fun I had with this month's IG Beauty Box?! My favorite item was definitely the Green Beauty Pumpkin Mask! My skin feels so much softer and younger after using it. I do not feel almost-38 this month... at all! Plus, it smells amazing and if you accidentally get a little taste of it, it's actually delicious. And safe. But that wasn't the only fun thing in the March Imperial Glamour Beauty Box!
In case you didn't see my other months' posts... Imperial Glamour is a monthly beauty subscription box that is filled to the bring with "high quality, natural, organic and vegan products" all revolving around a monthly theme. This month's theme was "Face Masks!" I absolutely love getting a box in the mail everything month filled with natural and organic goodies to pamper myself with! Plus, if you see a past box you like, you can still get it here.
 Everything Included in the March box:
Forest Fair Gardens - Goat's Milk Mask
Simkha Beauty Products - Organic Green Matcha and Pepper Foot and Body Sugar Scrub
Melissa B Naturally - Microderm Scrub
Harvey Prince - The Original Fango Mud Therapy
Green Beauty - Pumpkin Face Mask   
I really love the thought that goes into these boxes. This is my third box and I can't wait for the next! It's something I look forward to every month. Natural beauty products can be hard to find and the IG Beauty Box makes is so much easier, plus I just love the surprise of not knowing what to expect and love the monthly themes. Try this box! You'll love it! Plus, remember you can get past boxes at a...
Buy a Deluxe box and get a second 20% off. Use code: 20OFFDELUXE!

Monday, April 3

Get Your Small Business Organized with a Shoeboxed Free Trial!

It's so much better to store your receipts on than in your run-of-the-mill shoe box! After all, puppies look a million times cuter in a box than receipts do, don't they?

"So what is this SHOEBOXED?" you ask? They're the best online platform for organizing receipts and business cards--something every small business could use! From bloggers to Mary Kay sellers and anything all around or in between, it's an integral service for anyone who needs to get organized...
It's perfect for business owners, freelancers, sales reps, travelers, bookkeepers, accountants, and consultants who are looking for ways to save time and money on back-end administrative tasks so they can focus on growing their business!

How does it work?
Shoeboxed scans receipts into usable data for maximizing tax deductions, expense reports, and for savings on bookkeeping. They scan other paper too, including business cards which are importable into Outlook, Salesforce, and more! You simply mail them your receipts and business cards, which they scan and upload into a secure online account on You can also submit your items to your account via your smartphone with their iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. It's definitely something to save small business owners hours and hours of time!

Let us Handle the Clutter

Just click the pic above to start the free trial. Come back and let us know how much you like it if you decide to try it out!

Sunday, April 2

The Art of Correspondence: Gorgeous Mailings à la All Colour Envelopes

As an avid letter writer who's often moving from place to place, I'm constantly on the lookout for creative stationery and envelopes.  When I received my first package in the mail from All Colour Envelopes, I was thrilled!  Their envelopes are gorgeous, come in such a wide variety for any type of mailing needs from business mailings to personal letter writing.  I was very impressed.  

Old-fashioned letter styles are just one option with All Colour Envelopes
Speaking of first impressions, whenever a company I'm blogging for sends me products in attractive packaging, they really stand out more than most of the others.  That was one of the first things I thought of when I opened my package--these would be so perfect for marketing mailings.  Very eye-catching!    

Every size and color... I'm going to use the cute smaller envelopes to leave little notes to my kiddos.  They love words of affirmation and surprises.  I also really like the idea of sending colorful business envelopes through the post.

The metallic envelopes are gorgeous!  Also, each of the envelopes has a peel off tape seal on them.  No licking these!  Very simple and clean.  Have to love that additional touch.   

As you can see from my photos, there is such a wide variety of packaging from these super pretty poly gloss and metallic padded bubble bags to foil bags, vibrant colored envelopes, and even black ones.  It was so hard for me to decided what style I wanted to use first, but I must admit I can't wait to head to the store and get a white paint pen so that I can use those black envelopes.  White on black looks so classy!

While All Colour Envelopes is based in the UK, they do send their products all over the world.  It only took 3 business days for me to receive my package from them.  

 We all have those Facebook friends who are little more than acquaintances we see every once in awhile.  About three years ago, one of mine wrote a status update asking if anyone wanted to be pen pals.  I knew she was looking for an out-of-state pen pal, but even though we live in the same zip code, I commented "I'll be your pen pal!"  It sounded fun, and she took me up on it.  What started as something silly turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in my life!
  We began to write letters.  We went all out--wax seals, stationary, and all.  We wrote about our favorite things, our past, our families.  It turned out we had so much more in common than we ever imagined.  We discovered the kinds of things you rarely discover with even your best friends and we became best friends not only through letter, but in real life.  Last year, something happened that devastated me.  It was something I could talk to very few people about.  But I could talk to her.  In real life, she prayed with me.  By mail, she encouraged me.  I trusted her with my deepest secrets, we can tell each other anything, and I don't think we could ever have been so close if we had not become pen pals.

Since then, I've begun writing letters to a couple other friends--one who lives a couple states away and one who lives here.  In every circumstance, it's drawn us closer together.  It's exciting to get a text saying "Celena, I mailed you a letter today!" and to eagerly wait for it. Or not to get a text at all but to be surprised by a letter from one of my dearest friends. It's wonderful to sit down and thoughtfully write a letter back, with a cup of tea at my side, thinking about how to get creative with the envelope. Maybe some artwork. Maybe some writing.

So if you write a status update requesting a pen pal, or if you decide to just start writing letters to one of your good friends who happens to live in the same town, your life will be so much richer for it. I promise!