The Traveling Sisterhood: US Cellular is giving up to $1000 to K-12 Groups (including homeschools)!

Tuesday, May 9

US Cellular is giving up to $1000 to K-12 Groups (including homeschools)!

Pear is a new organization that's free to use which works with different companies to provide donation funds for school groups (including private schools, homeschools, and public schools), teams, and nonprofits!  With their current campaign, you can earn up to $1,000 in cash or custom apparel for your group by getting sponsored by US Cellular. Getting started is simple and free! 

To start, create a group page by uploading a photo. Then, invite friends and family to support your team! Pear's platform makes rallying your supporters a breeze. Your group has ten days to complete short online tasks, such as liking US Cellular’s Facebook page. The more people who engage, the more money your team is awarded – it’s that easy. At the end of your sponsorship, simply claim your award and begin your custom order. This program is only available for a limited time, so get sponsored on Pear today!
 Could your kiddos' or students' group use something like this? Let me know if you decided to try Pear and how your campaign goes!


  1. Our robotics team did this. It did take some work. I had to personally ask a lot of people to reach the goal and I shared it a lot on social media. Some people were leary of doing it. If you have a group of 10 students or more and each get 10 - 15 people to do it, you have it made. Our group was smaller. You do need a W-9 and EIN number to get the money from them.