The Traveling Sisterhood: February 2017

Friday, February 24

SunBasket Organic Food Delivery Giveaway! Plus a $30 off Discount!

 I feel like a chef and I do believe my husband loves me more than he already did! For the last 3 days, we've been eating meals by SunBasket--healthy cooking made easy with fresh seasonal, organic ingredients sourced from farms on the West Coast & delicious recipes delivered weekly. My absolute favorite thing about SunBasket is that I try things I never would have tried otherwise.  I'm a girl who grew up eating no other veggies than green beans and corn so I was wary of cooked cauliflower but I actually really liked it--the chef who designs these recipes is amazing! 

My first SunBasket was free but I've already ordered another!  Above are the recipes I'll be cooking in 2 weeks--my SunBasket arrives on March 2nd.  Sunbasket says each meal is enough for 2 people but the portion sizes are very, very generous.  For our family, the meals amounted to 3 filling servingsFor 2 of the meals I did, I actually added an additional side item and fed my entire family of 6, though my children do eat small portion sizes.  I was surprised at the amount of food included! And the quality, all organic sourced from CA, has been wonderful. You can purchase a larger plan if your family is bigger eaters than mine. ;)

Each meal comes packaged in a paper bag. Ingredients are pre-measured and so incredibly fresh!  I was very impressed.  With your first SunBasket purchase (remember you get $30 off and they have a moneyback guarantee!), you'll receive 3 times this amount of food--one batch of recipe ingredients in each of 3 bags.  The box you receive is huge and is very well packaged--Nothing was broken or bruised.  The first recipe I tried was Rigatoni with Parsley Pesto and White Beans, a vegan meal. I'm not at all a vegan kind of girl, but... was so, so, so delicious!  The pesto was the best I've ever tasted and the arugula added the perfect fresh flavor and nice crunch. It was like eating Summertime in a bowl.  As the pesto came pre-made and as I really want to be able to make this dish again for friends, I asked SunBasket for the recipe and they obliged. I can't wait to make it again! Next time, instead of the beans, I'll add oven-baked chicken.

Giveaway ends 3/1 at 6 pm. 
In the meantime, order your first SunBasket at $30 off!

Get Artisan Cheese and Other Goodies Monthly... with a We Cheesy Discount!

What's better than cheese? More cheese!! And I had the opportunity to review a subscription box that specializes in just that.

The theme for January's We Cheesy box was "Strange Fruit." I wondered what I'd find inside... after all, cheese and fruit together sounded like an interesting combination! Then again, everyone knows that cheese goes with wine so...

So much fun stuff, and it was a hot day for January so I was thrilled to find a red pear in the box. It was delicious! Next up... 2 Cheesy Herby Scones, artisan style. These were a blend of a variety of flavors, nice and big, and so incredibly yummy. Plus, they were still very fresh which was a pleasant surprise. Scones can be quite hard to keep fresh. One more food item--a block of cheese, of course! It was apple-flavored. It sounds strange, but it was very good! My kids were excited about the puzzle, and I discovered that We Cheesy always includes a fun gift surprise along with the edibles.
As you have probably guessed by now, We Cheesy sends artisan cheese and other goodies monthly. It's the perfect thing for the cheese lover and for those who are simply cheesy! And who isn't one (or both) of those?!
Enter the code MYSISTERHOOD at checkout to receive $5 off any 3-month We Cheesy subscription. This offer is good for one time only and expires March 31, 2017. Come back and let me know what you find in your box!
Special thanks to the wonderful people at We Cheesy for this review opportunity!

Thursday, February 23

Zippy Truffles Giveaway! Energy in a Bite-Sized Chocolatey Package

How pretty are these little truffles?! Plus they're organic. Plus they have B vitamins. Plus they have an added bonus--176mg of caffeine in each one! They're called Zippy Bites, are they're the ideal way to increase alertness and enhance productivity at any time of day. No brewing, vending-machine raids or bulky storage is required. ;)

Zippy Bites come in packs of two in a variety of flavors: Mint,  Raspberry, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry. My favorite is definitely the Dark Chocolate Raspberry! All of them are palatable and a wonderful way to get the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee has--in each, little truffle! Perfect for on the go or a quick pick-me-up. They work as well as coffee, giving me boundless energy!

Enter below by 3/6. Five winners will be selected the next day to win a sampler pack of Zippy Bites. Good luck!

You Can Find Zippy Bites On

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Zippy Bites for this review and giveaway opportunity!

Sunday, February 19

Books on Dragonwings, The Most Enchanting Subscription Box for Book Lovers at a Magical Value!

The other day, a dragon delivered my mail. Of course, as Anya says, he was disguised as a mail man. I opened the box that was delivered on Dragonwings and was blown away by how enchanting it was!  Anya started Books on Dragonwings earlier this year and she has impressed this lover of Fantasy immensely! Christmas follows on the heels of my birthday and you better believe I'll be spending my birthday money on the December Dragonwings box which you can still get before Christmas! My box was from last season so I can't wait to order the current box themed "Irish Mermaids".

The main attraction of the box is this new hardcover by Traci Chee. "The Reader" is "A stunning debut set in a world where reading is unheard-of, perfect for fans of Inkheart." It came out the same month the box did so you're very unlikely to have the book featured. However, the super cool thing is, you'll find out what the book is beforehand so if you're subscribed, you can choose to forego the book for that month and simply choose to receive the surprises that go along with the theme. Of course, you'll be charged less, too. The value of this box is wonderful, both with the featured book and without.

Included were this beautiful bookmark from Behind the Pages (an Etsy store worth checking out!!) and a wooden book necklace handcrafted just for this box--you can't get it anywhere else!

There was also a paperback called "Winterwood" about a pirate girl! It sounds like a super fun read. To fit the theme, there was another necklace with a bottle of golden stardust and a really cool pirate/anchor bracelet also from Etsy.
I love the Ocean Breeze Soap from Fragrant Bath Boutique, and the nail polish will look adorable on my nails. As I'm reading the book, of course, and sipping my hot chocolate. We'll see if my hubby notices how wonderfully my nails match the book as I read. ;)

After looking up prices on Amazon and Etsy, I'd put the value of last quarter's Books on Dragonwings at $56. That's almost double the cost of the subscription which is only $30 a quarter plus shipping. And you can get your first box for only $27 if you use my code TSIS10!

Special thanks to the lovely Anya for providing me with this box to review!

Wednesday, February 15

Win a Box of Hello Fresh Meals! 3 Winners!

Last day to enter! Three of my readers will receive a free box (up to an $80 value) of Hello Fresh food! The only thing is, you can't win if you've won before and must be a new customer. Read on to enter!

HelloFresh is one of my favorite meal delivery companies! They were one of the first, and they are definitely one of the best! I love their recipes--very family-friendly. Each week, you get to choose which 2 or 3 meals (depending on your plan) that you'd like to cook out of the 5 they have available.
The box comes filled with everything! Fresh produce, pre-measured spices, condiments for cooking, and meats--it's all there along with brightly colored, easy-to-follow recipe cards.
The meals are so delicious and will give you chef status in your home! I've definitely become a better cook because of them--I'm learning how to pair ingredients even when not cooking with them. These are their Italian-Style Pork Chops with Lemony Potatoes and Minty Zucchini Salad.
There is also usually a fish dish if you'd like one. My hubby loves their salmon! This one is the Spiced Salmon with Arugula Salad, Couscous, and Lemon Shallot Dressing. I've recently discovered that I love shallots. They bring such a delicious taste to your veggies!
Enter below by 2/15. The winners will be selected the next day. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day! Remember, you can't win if you won last time and you must be a new customer to Hello Fresh. :)

Tuesday, February 14

My Gorgeous New Winter Fashion Statement and Where to Get Yours

Last year, one of my best friends took me shopping for my birthday at a local boutique store and treated me to some of my favorite accessories, one of which was this beautiful knitted rhinestone headwrap. I stuffed it in the winter tote and forgot about it until last week, when I took it out in the freezing weather and put it on. I just had to take a selfie because I fell instantly in love with it! Isn't it pretty? And it keeps me warm without messing up my curls. Love!
 The headwrap has little rhinestone gems delicately scattered throughout. You can also get it adorned with an adorable knitted flower, and a optional cute heart sparkly button in the center. Very delicate and stylish!

Perfect for the cold weather and wonderful for a stocking stuffer!

You can get it from this Etsy Shop for $9.99 (the shipping is about $4) which is cheaper than they have it at Wal-Mart for $20! I don't get a commission on this one and it's not even a review item--I just love it and thought my darling readers might, too. I hope you all have a most blessed Thanksgiving and a super fun Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Monday, February 13

Gorgeous New Jewelry and Natural Cosmetics a là 100% Pure

Today, I'm wearing new jewelry, Braxton Elongated Beaded Earrings and Alyssa Round Beaded Pendant Necklace by My Cents of Style, and makeup, both lip gloss and mascara, by 100% Pure.  The jewelry looks like small pieces of crushed glass in a variety of shades of red and I love it.  It's so unique and classy.  Each piece costs only $9.95 and comes not only in reds, but also in blues, greens, and silvers.  Plus, with your first order from their store, you receive a free pair of beautiful earrings!

  I wore my gorgeous earrings during my photo shoot for the cover of Kelli Pizarro's newest book! In the photo, the makeup I'm wearing is 100% Pure's Moonstone Lip Gloss and their Maracuja Mascara in Dark Chocolate. I can't tell you how amazing these products are!  The mascara is all natural and is actually made with chocolate!  You can smell it as you put it on but, once it's dry, the smell is gone.  The mascara definitely fluffs out my lashes and adds quite a bit of length.  I do have 3 coats on, as my eyelashes are normally super short and thin!

The mascara brush is light and fluffy.  The lipgloss glides on nicely and has a good taste which is to say, it doesn't really have a taste at all. It drives me crazy when lipglosses have that lipsticky, waxy taste. This one doesn't have that.  These are two of my new favorite products in my mirror cabinet. I can't wait to try more of their items! 

What is your favorite item in your makeup stash?  Have you tried 100% Pure?

Buy body butter set and get one free

Sunday, February 12

70% off Dr. Bonyfide's Subscription Box and Science Books!

You get 4 full-color 200 page science books plus 3 months of the science/history subscription box for a grand total of $62.73! Jump on this--it will be gone within a couple days!
Last year, a beautiful outdoor school day in our backyard clubhouse became a trip of scientific proportion as we traveled back to 353 BC Greece thanks to Know Yourself's Time Skater's Adventure Box and the Dr. Bonyfide Presents series and I just have to share it again because it's 70% off in Educents Homeschool Month sale for a grand total of $62!! You guys, it was originally $163! Be sure and use the code 15off to get free shipping and the extra 15% off the sale price.

The Time Skaters Know Yourself Adventure is a 3-month long subscription. The first month's adventure includes a Time Skaters comic, science experiments and corresponding materials, historical lessons and healthy recipes, all packed in a sturdy box with a magnetic lid (which I found to be really cool!). It's for kids 8-14 and I can tell you that my 8, 10, and 11 year olds, not to mention their in-her-30s mama, found it to be very cool! 
It was a beautiful day, so I set up our Science/History lesson in the clubhouse.  As you can see, the box was packed full of all kinds of stuff--2 secret ink pens with lights, a nice map, six different herbs, putty, an egg rattle, a comic, two notepads, a booklet with instructions, recipes, and other activities, and stickers of the characters found in the comic.

The first month's adventure takes you to Ancient Greece where you encounter an adventure based about the 5 senses. It included a nice, big map, stickers, and all kinds of other goodies you'll see in the next picture.

The Sense of Sight: These pens are so cool!  They include blacklights on the ends so that you can read the secret message.  I wrote the first one: "I love you!"
The Sense of Touch: Crazy, pink putty!  It was especially fun and gooey and they loved this one.  We also discovered different textures with it later.  There was enough to split it between 4 kids.

The Sense of Smell: Herbs from around the world.  They didn't especially like some of the scents!  The kit came with a guide telling you where each spice was from so that you could mark it on the map with the included stickers.

The comic was engrossing!  A couple of the kids didn't think they'd care to hear the story but as they heard their sisters reading it aloud, they all gathered around to take turns reading!

I could hardly get a peek inbetween legs and heads!  But I finally snuck in this photo as all five of us listened to find out what would happen to the Time Skaters.  Would they make it out of Ancient Greece?!
While they're sold separately from the Time Skater's Subscription Boxes, Dr. Bonyfide's books were the perfect accompaniment to our lessons. Each of the three 200-page books includes full-color illustrations on every single page just like the ones above. There are amazing photos of the skeletal system, fun activities, and teaches kids (and grown-ups!) how the human body works in the most incredible way!
Each page of each Dr. Bonyfide book is so interesting, and is just as much pictures as facts which makes you really want to turn each page and see what the illustrations are all about.  I'm amazed by how much my kiddos are learning and they are truly loving it!  They read these books for fun even on their days off from school.

Dr. Bonyfide Presents: Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder includes illustrations of each of the finger spelt letters in the alphabet.
My kids are so enthralled with the Dr. Bonyfide Presents books!  They thought this was one of the funnest school days they'd had all year. Two of the books came with 3-d glasses to discover hidden riddles about the skeletal system.  

You can find this totally awesome bundle of full-color, 200 page textbooks and 3 months of subscription box sciencey fun at Educents for a grand total of $62.73 with free shipping! Let me know if you decide to take your kiddos on an adventure of historical and scientific proportions!

Thursday, February 9

Thursday is the Last Day to Get FREE Caramels, Vase, and 15% off Flowal Bouquets at BloomThat!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

My order from BloomThat. The presentation upon opening was just lovely!

  BloomThat has some sweet savings going on now through February 9th! New customers will enjoy 15% off any purchase and a FREE vase & caramel candy with select blooms. I tried the caramels with my last order and they were absolutely delicious!

Blooming the USA from coast to coast, BloomThat delivers fresh blooms like these the next day anywhere in the U.S. or the same day in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These four were the featured bouquets the last time I ordered. I chose The Winnie, which is the bouquet at the bottom left. The flowers lasted for about 2 weeks. After a week, many of the roses had wilted but the tulips were still beautiful as you can see in my photo above (taken after about 6 days--we had heavy winds and poor sunlight when I first received the flowers which didn't make for great photo opportunities.) But it goes to show you how well these flowers held up and how long your recipient will be able to enjoy them.

I love that they allow you to add on little goodies. You can choose a birthday bar (it was so delicious and even came with a candle to stick in the middle!), a box of the most incredible salted caramels, or a candle complete with a box of matches that says "You've got that spark!"
Click the pic above to get your free caramels and vase, plus new customers that order fresh blooms today February 9th can get 15% off their order with code VDAY15! Which flowers are your favorite?